Monday 3 November 2008

A treat!

Yay Bloggettes never fear Caique-Momma is here!

Hmm I bet you're all uber relieved to hear that! Well what's been happening in CM Towers? Well let me begin - I bet you can't wait! Saturday me and Mr CM went to a dance, food was pretty crappy to be honest but the singers they had was fab! So much so my feet were killing me when I got home, on account of dancing and I was wearing my comfiest going out high heels. So a good night there then.

Yesterday I had therapy, retail therapy! Of the craft kind. After a couple of stamps and a few papers (because I hardly have any you understand) I felt much better.

Plus Madam Postie brought me long awaited parrot stamps from Canada. Actually I did think they were coming by carrier pigeon but they're here and I love them!

So here are a couple of Christmas cards using one of them. I wonder how many Christmas cards actually feature parrots?....

So here they are - enjoy!


Hazel said...

Love the parrots! Hope the girls approve!

Gez Butterworth said...

Lovely colouring Net. Just love your little circle stamps especially the gold one.