Saturday, 30 May 2009

Super sunny Saturday!

Hi Bloggettes! Wow what a super day I've had! Not only has it been beautifully sunny - roll on more sun I say! I've also had rather a fab day out to boot! Linnie and me had a trip to Hobby House Crafts where the fab Bev Rochester was doing a demo. It was really really good! We had a scream we had a real good laugh, oh we learnt how to paint with distress inks too. I'm sure the ink will wear off my hands in a few days or so! I still have a couple of little things to finish up on that card - hopefully you'll get to see it tomorrow. So for today here is a card I did the other day.

I do think these Gorguss Girls are sweet and, well gorgeous lol! So this little sweetie is done in a tried and tested colour combo. Pink and green! How could that be bad? That's right never! So a mix of some Basic Grey, Coredinations and Prima flowers and done! A nice shot of my kitchen socket.... One day I'll get the photos right! Perhaps.....
Back to a few more holiday photos. Don't worry there's only about 300 more or so to show you...

Another sunset. I got a bit obsessed with these I think! For this one I actually got down on my knees to try and get a better angle. I think it kind of worked - well for me anyway. You've all seen my photo skills! Maybe I should say lack of them. lol

These pretty flamingoes were at Busch Gardens. All the flamingoes were stood around on one leg just chilling and doing flamingo stuff, that is standing on one leg! The one with all his back feathers up went round all the others ones chasing them! Flamingoes make a funny noise when they're vexed a bit like ducks quacking!

Now I've no idea what sort of bird this little guy is - I thought he looked really funny. Those really long thin legs with little feet on the end! Surprisingly he could run really quickly - but he only took little steps so his legs went really really fast. It looked really really funny... perhaps you had to be there!
So that's all from me today Bloggettes. I'm off to cover the lids of my Distress inks with acetate so I can play painting. Oh I might have ~ahem~ bought a couple of bits and pieces while I was there.....~blushes and runs off~


Gez said...

Glad you've had a super day hun. :-D Can't wait to see your card & your Gorjuss girl is most definately gorgeous. xx

Awe the birds are soooo sweet. Wish I had long legs like that!! Cool sunset. Gez.xxx

Hazel said...

Sounds like a good day today. Love the photos (and the Gorjuss card) x

tracy said...

sounds like you had a great day out:)
that girl stamp is lovely,not seen those before.
great photos too :)

Riet said...

What a gorgeous card Net,l love the image and papers.

Hugs Riet.x

Kaz said...

Lovely card Net, you're right, you can't go wrong with green and pink.

Loving the photos too, I love having a nosey at other peoples holidays!!

Enfys said...

Your gorjuss girl is gorjuss. Jealous of your day out with Linnie though......
The little birdie is a sandpiper, and did you know flamingoes are truly vicious birds, they kill each other in rage, who would have thought pink could be so nasty!!
En xx

Beth said...

Hiya Net, looks like you had a lovely time, I'd love to go there. Can't get over the long legs on that bird, sooo thin lol. Seems to be doing a nice pose too. Love your little card aswell. XX

Carol said...

Net what a gorgeous colour those flamingos are...so beautiful great sunset too...the gorgus card is just that - gorgeous! xx

Bev said...

It's official - you're a nutter for sure pmsl. Thanks for all the laughs hun - I really enjoyed myself x Oh and delish GG card too xx

jem said...

fabulous card, so cute and amazing photos , hope you had a super time. janex

Kim Piggott said...

Such a beautiful card!
Love your sweet image and your paper and detail just gorgeous!
Loving those photos what a fabulous holiday!
kim x

Flissy said...

Hi Net - lovely to meet you on Saturday at the Hobby House for Bev's workshop. It was so enjoyable, and I learnt a lot.
Love your cards and photos.
(from down south!)