Friday, 25 December 2009

How to open presents!

Hellooooo! Well I hope you've all had a lovely Christmas Day We've had a nice quiet one here. Well this morning the girls were waiting to open their presents!

Harry decided to start straight away!

Right I'll pull this bit first....

Right that's nearly off.....

Urghhhhh! Crikey this is tough paper!

What's Tinker doing? Ahh right she was trying to bite Mummy again!

OK we'll try again - are you watching this time Tinker?

Right come on we'll start over here...

Are you watching? I said!

Yes Its you I'm talking to, give me a hand for heavens sake.

Right I'll just cut through here...

Tinker are you going to help or not?

Right nearly through the middle now - you aren't paying attention are you?

Look let me show you this on the other side

Oh forget it I'll do it myself! You just keep staring at the camera!

As you can see Harry's had a busy day! Well they had lots of presents!



Karen said...

LMAO!!!!! Poor Harry...that Tinker just doesn't toe the line hahahahaha xxx

Hazel said...

How laid back is Tinker - letting Harry do all that work - I hope Harry found something good inside - eventually! x

Janice said...

Brilliant Net, you don't need telly in your house, just watching those birds if entertainment enough!

Gez said...

AWE Net! Your girlies are the best!

Nice to hear you had a lovely Christmas. Will be in touch soon. Love Gez.xx

Softpencil said...

They are sooooo cute!!! they remember me my sweet cat, she is always interested in opening the envelopes that the postman leaves me, she´s so funny!

Cat said...

Oh so funny! Your birds are adorable!