Saturday 26 June 2010


Yayyy! Its been sunny - AGAIN! FAB-U-LOUS!!! Though as someone said to me the other day on the 21st, the longest day... 'Oh the nights will be drawing in now soon be Christmas!' Heck I thought lets have a bit of summer first before we think about Christmas! I mean are we having one this year? I personally can do without, all the work I have in the couple of weeks beforehand makes me a tired bod ;-)) Still I always have energy to open a few present though.

So no card to show you today. Instead its a bag! Nothing very exciting a little gift bag made from an envelope and decorated. Its for the challenge this week at Totally Gorjuss which is for a gift bag.

I'm envious of her eyes! I'd love to have eyes that colour....Now I know you can get coloured contact lenses. I did go for a trial of ordinary contact lenses after some persuasion from my Optician. I explained I wasn't keen and didn't think I'd be able to get them in or out.... I was right. He put the lenses in. How does it feel he said 'like you've put a house-brick under my eyelid' I said. It'll wear off he says what can you see. 'Nothing my eyes are watering too much' So much I washed one lens out of my eye. I put it back in and pulled out most of my eyelashes in the process which promptly lodged under the house-brick..... The Optician then decides I'd had enough for that day - no chance Matey I've had enough of them period! So then the fun of getting them out. It felt like they'd been glued to my eyeballs! So while I dream of eyes this colour it ain't happening!

Back to her eyes though, pretty huh?

Pop over and check out our challenge - this weeks we're sponsored by Dies to Die for


Di said...

What a fab card Net, I love the eyes too xx

tracy said...

what a cutie :)

Karen said...

hahahahaha yu do make me chuckle honey!!! There is no way I could poke things in my eyes either..makes me shudder just to think about it!!!

Gorgeous bag...love the design of the stamp XXX

Hazel said...

Super bag - and I wouldn't be without my contacts - worth all the process in the beginning x

Janice said...

Lovely image Net. I thought I would never be able to wear contact lenses but vanity finally got the better of me. I started with them when I had a week's holiday so I had plenty of time to get them in in the morning. Wouldn't be without them now.

Irena said...

Gorgeous card :)

Kathy said...

Lovely card Net.