Sunday, 24 April 2011

Sneaked a quick one in!

Happy Easter to you Bloggettes!

Did the Easter bunny come to see you? Well he came here but not to see me.... ~sniff~ He did come to see my OM though....

Not a bad haul of chocolate delights for one person eh? He now feels suitably guilty! Muahahahaha! Now I did go and show him a couple of rather nice sewing machines yesterday;))

Now this basket is what I made at sewing class. Its got quilting, appliqué, embroidery and 'stuff' on it. It holds a decent amount of chocolate too ;)) I think without the Easter stuff it could be useful for various things, so watch this space ;))

Now seeing as I was fired up and we have a new baby due (NOT MINE!!!) I made a baby basket. Now I know I'm calling these things baskets but I don't know what else you'd call them. I thought this would be good for keeping nappies etc in on the baby's changing station.

I put a pack of nappies in (when did they start doing hundreds of sizes and stuff??) A couple of baby toiletries filled the bag out. When did they start doing so many of those too? There were stacks to pick! In the end I went for good old Johnson's. Plus it had the nicest scent some of them were really strong smells. To me baby stuff should be a delicate scent.


Gez said...

Haha! Good luck with the new sewing machine Net ;)

Gorjuss baskets..xx

Kath said...

Well I hope the sewing machine materializes!!! :-)

love the bags. You're getting good at these aren't you?

Traceyr said...

oooo Net I love Lloyd's chocolate basket with all that embroidery on ... you are spoiling him hahaha.

Was it something a learner like me could tackle?


ps. When is the new sewing machine due hahaha ;)

Janice said...

I love your Easter baggie and the baby one too. I'm sure OM will share his choccie haul :)

Hazel said...

Have you ordered the new machine yet? Fab sewing projects and a lucky OM x

Karen said...

oooo I can see you are on a roll with these bags honey!!! These are just gorgeous and so much work in the Easter one (hope you nicked some of that choccie! ) I love the idea of a baby one & they really are used too! I can see you adding these to your cake stall soon :-D xxx

Kim Piggott said...

Oh these are so totally fabulous Net!
kim x

Clare said...

Net, Thanks for your kind comment, so glad you enjoyed the class today! even if I can't measure... Love your blog and your sewing ideas are fab.

Clare x

Rachelxx said...

Loving your baskets Net! Great work! & I'm with you on the baby smells .............