Monday 12 December 2011

And again

Yay its only me, again! I know and so soon after the last time, which was a long time from the last time before the last time before the last time before that!

Can you remember the stocking I made the other week?

That's this one here in red and green.

Well I got to thinking, which I know can be dangerous for me. Well my thoughts were about making another one in shades of blue. Now I just so happened to have one or two bits and pieces of blue fabric! How lucky was that? So off I set and did a spot of cutting and stitching.

And Taaaa-Daaaaarrrr

The stocking in shades of blue. At first I thought my lush snowflake fabric was a bit bright but once it came together I think it looks OK. The back of the stocking is blue gingham.

You likey?


Kath said...

Those are excellent, Net.

tracy said...

net,thats lovely :)

Di said...

Wow, I love them Net, the blue is my fave but they are certainly both gorgeous x

Angelnorth said...

Looks great in shades of blue and the flake patterned fabric is lovely!

Karen said...

ooooo you are on a roll now my lovely!!!! This one is beautiful too! HUGS xxx

Traceyr said...

brrrrr very snowy Net - lovely. :)