Wednesday 23 January 2013

Look what I've made!

Heck I'm back again!  Oh and we've still got snow... and more forecast apparently too.  Though according to the weather forecast at the weekend its going to be heavy rain!  Fantastic huh?

Anyway while I've been (not) busy sat on my backside doing not much at all I've been thinking about sewing... I've not done any for ages for a couple of reasons - lack of time and when my sewing class did the dirty... well I've not done any.  So I finally got the machine out!

Now I'd had an idea in my head, which is scary because then I'd got to figure out how to get this great idea from my head and make it work!  So after some cutting, sewing and a little bit of fiddling I was done.

Et Voila!

Do you know what it is?  Looks a  bit like a flower...

A different angle?  Any more guesses?

OK I'll unravel it a bit?
Now do you know?

Still not sure?  I hung it up to see if that helps...

Did you guess?  Its a scarfy neck snuggly thing!  It just snuggles round your neck and keeps you toasty warm.  I'm quite pleased as this was my first go!

Now you'll also remember my poorly trotter...
well here's a couple of photos - a bit gory and euwwww!

Yup its as sore as it looks!

Not too swollen today because I've been good and sat down..... boring!  But I have to do as I'm told or I'll ruin the work I've had done.  Its too painful to have it done again!

So stay dry folks and warm, and I promise no more gross you out photos!


Squirrel x said...

Ooh Net, love your Snuggler hun, that looks so cozy! Can't say the same about your trotter though, ick!! You poor girl, hope it feels more comfortable very soon. Hugs Squirrel xx

Rachel said...

Looks like the tootsies are healing really well though so should be less painful in the long run - although not sure about some of those 6 inch heels I have seen you sporting.....Have you checked out the SU fabrics -- they come in packsof three larger than normal fat quarters for 8.95 and all co-ordinate - love em

Kaz said...

Ouch!! It seems to be healing nicely on the outside, fingers crossed the inside is doing the same.
Great idea for the snuggly xx

Karen said...

ooo your foot is looking a lot better than the last pic I saw my lovely! Still looks sore though! I am loving your snuggly....great idea! xxx

Hazel said...

Love the snuggly thingie - looks all warm and toastie, not that you'll be going far to need it yet. Well done on getting the sewing machine going again - does that mean we're going to see more projects soon? The foot looks as if it's healing OK - just make sure you keep resting it as and when you should so that it makes a good and full recovery x

Angelnorth said...

Glad your idea worked in the flesh, looks very snuggly! Keep your foot up, it's looking like it's healing well and you don't want to slow it down!

Traceyr said...

Ouch Net that does look painful. Feet up please. x

That snuggling scarf looks lovely and warm. Is it made of fleecing?