Sunday 14 July 2013


Well its little old me!

Thought I'd best shift my butt and get back to this forgotten corner of Blogland.

Well there's been a lot going on since I was here last.  The most awful and devastating news is that my beloved babies aren't with us any more.  yes that's right.  The 'person' 'looking after' (hah yes!) allowed them to escape whilst we were on holiday.  Well that was the ned of the holiday and we've been frantically searching ever since.  There's been sightings but they aren't here.

To say we're heartbroken is an understatement, add family aggro.... and well I'll shut up before you all nod/run off!

However a spot of good news, I've been invited to play with the girls at Through The Purple Haze team!

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Rachel said...

Sorry to hear of the escapees, a lady lost a large parrot around here and everyone can hear him but no hope of catching!! Really sad.