Wednesday 31 December 2008

Prisma treat!

Yoohoo Bloggettes - I'm not lost nor buried under a pile of mince pies - thankfully they'd all sold! So I hope you've all had a lovely Christmas and are now choccie free?! I am... no one bought me any... I bought my OM a HUGE box of Ferrero Rochers. I've only managed to pry one off him! Perhaps that's just as well really though thinking about it. I think now they race straight to my waist and stay there!

So my picture treats for you today... are you on the edge of your seats? I hope so and if you aren't please hitch your bottoms forward! I'm trying to build a little excitement here you know!

Firstly my Prismas, now for some reason I decided to sort them all into shade order. As soon as I'd got them all out I wondered why I was doing it! When I'd eventually done it I was pleased (in an anal kind of way). Though they aren't as I'd actually wanted them. If I'd done that the colours would have overlapped the layers kind of thing. Thing is they're done and this is how they're stopping - well for now anyway!

The next one is a mad (well for me) card for my friend for New Year - she has LOADS of parrots, so I thought I'd feature some on a card for her. I don't normally do such 'busy' cards and when I do I have to make myself stop or they look even messier than this! I do hope she likes it.
Lastly in this section (more to come as blogger didn't want any more photos) is a few photos of the card I made for OM at Christmas. I say it truly is a Christmas card as he got it after at around 12.30am Christmas day morning, or late on Christmas Eve whichever you prefer! It came minus envelope too - it was bulky and I couldn't be bothered to make a box for it! He understands this now, you know no envelope, or you don't seal it and don't write on it! Then squeal 'don't crease that' when you did use one. Now you're all going to say you don't do any of that aren't you? Do I believe you though?.... I'll get back to you on that!

Now as you can see - because if you're reading this its obvious that you can ;)) Its a gatefold flap down pop out kind of card - now I know thats a mouthfull of a name but it kind of describes it rather well I thought. I've done quite a few of these and they're rather nice - different but still easy.

I likes easy!

So till later loyal Bloggettes - I hope you're still awake....


Hazel said...

Great card for big L - I'm with you on the envie/box dilemma! Love all the prismas sorted like that.

Sarah said...

You'll never guess what??!! I started doing that with my Prisma's the other day but in the end I decided to put them by number order. Love the cards, especially the parrot one - very cute and a very fun looking!!!