Tuesday 23 December 2008

Yahoo! All the cakes are done!

Hiya Bloggettes! Another treat (well that's perhaps over egging things!) A few little photos from me again. This is finally the last of my Christmas baking orders! Yahooo! Perhaps I may now have time to do something of my own? Mind you if I see another mince pie... well it won't be pretty! Darn things - I don't even like them! So the first photo is a few of said blighters... they do look rather nice - shame they taste awful..

Now these aren't so bad - Almond Macaroons, really sticky when you spill the filling all over your baking tins! I suppose the moral of that story is don't drip it everywhere! Once baked it positively welds to the tins.... makes washing up a joy!
Even yummier now - Coconut Tarts! I love them slightly warm from the oven! I say warm as if you heat them while they're really hot the jam burns like hell - hot jam also sticks really really well onto skin! Unfortunately there wasn't a spare one! I have quantities down to a fine art and make them exactly in dozens - pah! Still I do manage to look as if I've eaten dozens of them!!! ;0))
Now the last of my Christmas cakes - I have to say I'm rather pleased with these - the cakes smell fantastic - wonder if its anything to do with the Cognac and Ameretto they've been bathed in? It must be because I don't like Christmas cake either. Shame they smell so nice too. Never mind there's plenty of other stuff I like. Which is a pity as I'd love to get some weight off... Perhaps if I sew my mouth shut... Just remembered I can't sew!
Well the cakes are covered in fondant icing and them adorned with fondant snowflakes which I dusted with clear lustre powder so they're all shimmery, honest they are it just doesn't seem to show up in the photo.
The cakes are now nestled in boxes and decorated with big bows and ribbons. It really makes them look nice.

So Bloggettes I do hope you've not nodded off, if you have you'll have a nice imprint of your keyboard on your forehead...

Hopefully tomorrow I'll get my OM's Christmas card finished. For some reason I decided to make it like a tag book. One day I'll fathom out why I decide to do things so bloody complicated when I have a serious lack of time...

But hey I've always been like it - can't see me changing now!


Kaz said...

ooooo they look very scrummy!!

Karen said...

WOW what a good cook you are Net!!! That cake looks amazing with the snowflakes X

Hazel said...

What a yummy lot of baking there (although I'm with you about the mince pies and Christmas cake - not for me). Thanks for the card I received this morning. x

Beadyjan said...

Thanks for popping by my blog and saying Hi, nice to hear from you again.

I remember your gorgeous cakes (Caiques) at the big meet.

Happy New year
Jan xx