Saturday 17 January 2009

Yummy scrummy and good news!

Hi Bloggettes!

My buts it's a bit wild and windy here, well not here as in where I am now, sat on the couch in the warm, but outside. I mean I know you probably understood what I meant... but I like to be sure! Its F R E E Z I N G!!! A really cold wind and its set to get colder again so I understand - hmm can't wait for that... Strictly speaking I can but heck its going to happen anyway. Oh and nest week there might be snow in the offing. Get ready for mardy bum posts from here - I HATE snow! Well I mean its OK, when I say that I mean on TV and postcards and stuff not where I am of course. lol

So for today's news on the Caique Momma front - well firstly I've been invited onto the Helping Hands design team! Woohoo! Linnie is sorting me a clicky picture thing to put on my sidebar. Now I know they probably aren't called a clicky picture thing but I figure its a descriptive kind of name! Now Helping Hands started out as templates (which are very clever and make lovely keepsakes) but are branching out into something new. So keep your eyes peeled folks as I'll be doing a few sneaky peeks! ;) Linnies site is Helping hands templates. its here

So the photos.... some of my baking!

First we have some pecan shortbread - now I have to say this is fantastic! A real success. I do hope you appreciate this shot folks - I mean I had to eat these after I took the photo! What hardships I endure for you... ~sighs~

Now this really bad photo! Is a sticky date bar - it doesn't show up well because its in cellophane! I know I could have taken it out but then I'd have to rewrap it... yup I'm lazy! This is a real sticky munchy chewy bar!

Now this one is coconut and apricot slice - again a touch on the yummy side - its the sneaky bit of chocolate underneath!
So just for you Janice, have you got a pen ready? here's the recipe!

200g dark chocolate 175g caster sugar
4 eggs 225g fine coconut
175g dried apricots chopped

28 cm x 18cm x 4cm tin lined with baking parchment

Melt the chocolate and pour into your lined tin, allow to cool and set.
Beat together eggs and sugar until well mixed, add coconut and apricots and mix well. Pour into tray and spread evenly. Now if it looks really wet and sloppy before you do this add a little more coconut.
Bake in an oven preheated to 180c till golden, around 20 - 25 minutes in my oven.

Cool and scoff!

Now for Adele - just to help her spend money ;)) these are soem sample of distress inkers sprays I made up.

From left to right its a mix of broken china and interference blue, then walnut stain and perfect gold and finally dusty concord and interference violet.
You don't really get to see the shimmer you get which is a shame or is it my photography? lol The beauty of adding Perfect Pearls powder is that they won't clog up the nozzle on your spray bottles.

So there you go folks a marathon post - I hope you're all still awake. Remember I can tell if you fell asleep while reading! It's easy because it'll say 'QWERTYUIOP' straight across your foreheads! ;))


Kathy said...

ll done, You!

Just for once I'm not tempted by the baking - I don't like nuts, dates or cherries - so a calory-free read for me!

Janice said...

Ooh thanks very much Net! Will copy down immediately.