Wednesday 4 February 2009

How to eat blackberries the caique way!

Hi Bloggettes! From a still snowy CM Towers, more to come too if the weather forecasters are right...

So to cheer you up today a little bit of caique advice! Please let me reintroduce Tinker who will demonstrate how to eat blackberries!

Firstly you acquire your blackberry (she had to improvise by stealing one from the Big L's yoghurt). Bring said blackberry to Mummy! Mummy removes both caique and blackberry from her lap! OK the top of the laptop will be OK. Begin chewing.... chew until every seed is crunched!
Ooops missed a couple so I'd best keep chewing. It doesn't matter that my face is covered. I'll show you how to deal with that later on.
Then because I'm such a good girl you have to clean up after yourself right?

Now I know you're going to say its all over my face, really that's not a problem because then I go and WIPE IT OFF IN MUMMY'S HAIR!!!!!

So see its easy to eat a blackberry! And yes that was one blackberry Bloggettes - it kept her quiet for 15 minutes which is really something for Tinker!


Kaz said...

OMG hahahahahahaha!!! That's so funny!!!

Di said...

Ha ha, what a fab post xx

Traceyr said...

Oh no - blackberries in your hair - yuck!

They do keep your amused and busy don't they Net. hahaha

Traceyr :)

Gez Butterworth said...



Janice said...

Funny bird Net! You have an award on my blog.

Beth said...

What a cute bird Net, they are so inquisitive too, aren't they? XX

Angelnorth said...

Hee hee, bless!