Friday 6 February 2009

Yummy bread!

Hi Bloggettes - something baked to show today. The crafty things will have to wait as I think the recipients pop in here from time to time.

Seeing as I had a bit more time than usual (rare thing!) So I decided I'd make some bread. I've not made any bread for ages. So despite being out of practice this is the result! Very nice it is too, even if I say so myself! This is the crust warm from the oven waiting to be dressed with Lurpak! Delicious! There's another loaf too, so we'll be Ok until at least tomorrow!

This ginger lump is Dudley! The most laid back cat in the world I think. He'll lie like this for ages. In this position he'll then pedal his legs like mad, that's about as much exercise as he gets! Dudley is also very lazy and greedy. He's not overweight, he's just under tall! He maybe needs to as tall as a Labrador....

Just a coy little peep!


Gez Butterworth said...

Net...you are such a tease!!! hehehe...it was bad enough knowing you were making home made bread without having to see it as well!!
Hope it was yummy. :o)
Wow, Dudley looks such a cutie pie, he's not missing a trick is he!
Have a lovely weekend Net. XX

Hazel said...

Dudley's gorgeous! And the bread looks good too - yum. x

Janice said...

Your bread looks great. We have a breadmaker and make all our own bread, it is just so much nicer.

That is one monster cat!

Karen said...

ooo you make lovely looking bread Net!

Awe Dudley is one happy cat, hasn't he got a lovely tummy! X

Traceyr said...

Happy Birthday Net.

What a lovely cat Dudley is and what a delicious loaf that looks too.


Jen said...

Aww Dudley is adorable, he reminds me of Puss in Boots from Shrek - very debonair!
Jen xx

Linnie said...

ahh sooo cute
something on my blog for you

Calv said...

I love home made bread Net...hint hint :)

Cat looks comfy....i know a mouse he could have if he wants? :) Looks like Garfield doesn't he?