Wednesday 15 April 2009

Look what I was sent!

Hi Blogettes!

Obviously I wasn't sent a room.... I suppose you probably could but it would need rather a large box though.... I'd also like to see the postman carrying it down the road! For some reason I don't think it would be popular. Now I know you've read my whinges about my decorating - so I thought I'd show you a couple of photos of the finished article - complete with new carpet. That was almost a saga in itself too. When the fitters arrived (notice the plural there, there were three of them) almost the first words, well after 'three teas two with two sugars duck' were the words 'why haven't you taken your carpets up duck' I asked them if I looked like a carpet fitter - 'no' sniggered the largest. There's your answer then I says! Oh the kettle will be going on later when you've done something. Cheeky buggers. So eventually they got cracking and they got a cup of tea. To date neither of the babies have 'christened' the carpet either! I might get some new curtains - I can't decide what colour to get though. I've had a quick look but there were only about 90,00000 different fabrics to look at so no choice at all really.

So I'm pretty pleased with my efforts and thank goodness its done! Plus I reckon you're all really bored with it now too! lol
So back to the title - what was I sent? Well I received an envelope crammed full of the most gorgeous flowers! You may have noticed I'm partial to the odd flower or two on my cards.... These were sent by Tracy from Creative Treasures So I spent a little while having a good stroke and a lick of them. That's what you have to do with new flowers - ITS THE LAW!!! ;)) I then had a sort though my papers and images and picked this little Gorguss Girl and coloured her to coordinate with the flowers. I also did a little dangler a la Bev Instead of a charm I added a tiny bell for a change. A little punching a la Martha Stewart, a few sticky pearls a length of dotty organza ribbon and I was finished. What do you think? Its a totally different colour scheme for me.

While Mojo was playing so nicely I did another quickly before he scarpered again! This is similar-ish but with a Magnolia image, more of those fabby flowers and a dangler and ribbon.

I'm quite pleased, well more than as I'm operating on restricted stash. For some bizarre reason I decided to have a good clear out of my craft room! I'm about half way through at the moment. Well I'm at the stage of thinking 'why am I doing this???' The Girl Guides will be pleased though I've got them four boxes and 3 bags full of stuff already!


Gez Butterworth said...

Gorgeous cards Net. :-) Your colouring is fabby & ooh love your danglies.
Looks like you're pretty good workin on a bigger scale too! Your room is looking great. Can't wait to see what fabric you choose. :-) Lovely carpet duck!
Enjoy your flowers. Gez. xx

Enfys said...

Great cards Net

Creative Treasures said...

Your rooms looking great Net. I love your cards, your colouring is always fab and that dangly is gorgeous.


Sue said...

great cards Net

shame about the lacy of choice in the curtain dept!! PMSL


Jackie said...

Very pretty. I love the stripey paper on the first one, what is it please?

Riet said...

what a beautiful cards Net,l love the image .

hugs Riet.x

Hazel said...

The room's looking good and so are the cards. I know what you mean about wondering why you've having the crafty clear out - I'm at that stage now of feeling like giving up, but determined to sort everything - race you to the winning post! x

Net said...

Jackie - I 'think' the stripey paper is by Doodlebug. I've had it ages!

cats whiskers said...

Fabulous cards, love the colours
Hugs Jacqui

Becky said...

Hi Net!
I can't find your email address anywhere, so just thought I'd let you know my email here for the CDM DT blog.
Love Becky xx

jem (jane elizabeth middleton) said...

Hi net, great card,lovely blog. I'm jem, My yahoo email is blocking any message I send so I'm contacting you here.My e mail is j.middleton2005@ntlworld.com
I've redone the challenge card pic,hope it's alright.janex

Lynne said...

Great cards, love the colours. Love Lynne x

Bev said...

Absolutely lovely cards hun, so girly and sweet. Love the fantastic coloring and gorgeous papers x

Angie said...

Rarely do I have a clear out incase I like the things again ...but I do so need to ...good job on the room and those are such cute cards.

Julia Dunnit said...

OMgee, gorgeous decorating. Love the cards too - a big envelope full of flowers would have me frozen tothe spot in a panic - I think I use about 1 a month!! Is your blog text mewant to be grey...I had to get my glasses!!