Saturday 27 June 2009

Feel quite sad today..

I've read lots of things where people say they knew what they were doing when an iconic person such as JFK and Elvis died. I'm afraid I don't as I was too young - certainly when JFK was assassinated. However this week we've had the sad passing of Michael Jackson. His music certainly paid a biggish part in my teenage years for sure. I always really liked his music and always felt just a tiny bit sorry for him. OK he was rich but I don't think he had a life of his own. Part of the price of fame I suppose. Anyway just for the record I was icing cakes when I heard - totally shocked. I suppose what makes it worse is another case of 'alledged' prescription drug abuse too. Makes it even sadder for his children. So I was half watching his Top 40 Hits today my favourite MJ song was number 1, Earth Song. I'm going to link the video. However me being me I'll have to work it out later.

RIP Michael.


Gez Butterworth said...

I've read your post Net & agree with what you have said. What a complicated life. I can remember my life exactly when Thriller was a big hit! & I'll always remember what I was doing when I heard of his death.

Music legends do seem to die before their time don't they?

Sending ((hugs)) Net.xx


Debbie said...

Hi Net, A lovely post and I too agree with what you have said...I think we have all grown up with MJ and it is so sad that his life has been cut short...especially for his children.
I was ironing when I heard the sad news.
It was lovely to meet you last weekend...we will have to do it again soon. Debbie x

Mónica said...

I live in Buenos Aires, Argentina, but was raised in the States.
Michael was my age and I also grew up with his music.
I was watching the news when they mentioned that he had had a heart attack and minutes later confirmed his passing away.
Like you say, money doesn't make a person happy; it doesn't buy happiness at all.
I too feel a little bit sorry for him and all the things said against him.
Let our Heavenly Father judge him and just remember him as the idol he was; a legend in his own time.
He was really blessed with talent and he will always be remembered for the way he sang and danced.
If you visit my blog you will see that I also posted the minute they broke the news (it is in Spanish but has a Page Translator).
BTW, the reason I dropped by was to see who had won the candy... I almost forgot ;)

Enfys said...

Hiya Net, just popped over to say hello, how are you doing?
En xx