Friday 19 June 2009

Oh Bev!

Hey Bloggettes! Where has summer gone? Its been wet and decidedly chilly here today - isn't it supposed to be summer? I mean Sunday is the longest day - and the day I draw my blog candy! So a couple of little pics for you - just to tide you over!

I'd been shopping the other day and my little assistant decided I needed a hand to unpack it! Unfortunately Tinkers idea of unpacking involves biting everything in the bags! When she discovered one of the things she was investigating was granary bread she had to get into the bag for a better look! and bite of it too.

Hang On I just need to reach a bit higher.... hang on its bread! Granary bread my favourite!

Right that's it one more step and I'm in!

Now this last photo is especially for Bev.... How do you think it looks Bev? ;))


Bev said...

Mmmmm - flipping delish! I've slavvered and dribbled all over me keyboard!!!!

Janice said...

Those birds get up to lots of mischief! That cake looks yummy, I have plans for baking this afternoon.

Kaz said...

If I change my name to Bev can I have the cake please?!

YOu need to keep an eye on that Tinker!!

cookcreateread said...

hahaha cheeky bird!

tracy said...

that is one cheeky bird LOL
cake looks good :)

Gez Butterworth said...

ROFL @ Kaz!!!

Awe Tinker surely lives up to her name! Mummys little helper bless.xx

Net your cake looks y u m m y. I need some NOW!!!!

Hope you're feeling better. Take care. Gez.xx

Cazzy said...

Tinker is gorgeous.

♥ Lydia ♥ said...

Yummy!!! Just filled my 'Deed Poll' forms out!!!
Luv Bev!!!! ^.^