Thursday 28 January 2010

A card, coal and WOMDTIKINW

A quickie while my muffins cook! That sounds really dodgy.... honest I've got lemon muffins in the oven!

Now severeal peeps have well are intrigued by a, ~coughs~ 'coal delivery' I had! Now I was in the room known as the tip when I thought I'd photo them for you.... now I'm not going to make it easy! Its in here..... or is it? This is my 'shall I keep it or bin it' pile.

Now this is my pic for WOMDTIKINW. See pretty much the same mess as last time! Oh is the coal here? Oh WOMDTIKINW actually stands for 'whats on my desk Thursday, I know its not Wednesday' Catchy isn't it? There's more to see over at Julias Go and have a nosey, er I mean look!

Finally after showing my sty to the world - which proves I'm obviously mad....

Here is my card for this weeks Softpencil. This week we have Michu and Michula snuggling up! Aw sweet huh? He's got his little paw round her..... sweet! Copic's of course, Prima flower and charm and pins from stash! Gee I'm down to my last couple of hundred now! Hmmm I think that means I can go shopping!

Ooops pinger pinging! Muffins done.

Go check out the others messes, er I mean desks!


Gez Butterworth said...

Grand place to keep your coals Net! Love your card. Great colouring as always. Your charm & flower look stunning. Mine's a lemon muffin please.XXX

maddy hill said...

Fab card net and cute image -- now weres your glitter womon !
love ya !

Caroline said...

Lovely card Net...x

Tracey Feeger said...

hahaha Love the tip you have going there.

Gorgeous card. Love those flowers and the pins. Wonderful inspiration.

Hazel said...

cute card x

Hazel said...

Meant to also say I think I know where the 'coals' are x

Teresa said...

Gorgeous card, and I LOVE your sty :)

Lisa Atha said...

This is fabulous! I love the chearful colors that you used!

Lisa Atha

Elizabeth P said...

I love the pastel colours and the embellishments you used! so gorgeous card! :)

Lesley said...

Very pretty card!