Wednesday 6 January 2010

Oh no snow!

I may be wrong but I think there might be snow on them thar hills and in one or two other places too!

There is certainly plenty of it here. There wasn't a flake to be seen at 6.00am this lot fell over a few hours! So being robust/daft/bored/nuts or something I decided to go for a yomp! I took my camera..

Now this is my towns Christmas Tree! lol It does actually look quite pretty, if you imagine the barriers away that it. It doesn't show in my photo but the lights are a twinkly pale blue.

The woods along side the road, yes it really did look blue! But then it was quite chilly!

Hill + Sledges + children= fun! The man in the picture went face down immediately after I took this lol

One of our trees!

As I was coming back it was just begining to get dark, so no we don't have luminous snow in Yorkshire!

So there you are some of my snow!

If you want some please feel free to come and fetch as much as you like.


Gez Butterworth said...

Great shots Net. On the one with the sledging the sky looks full of snow. bbrrr. Love your last shot but I'm freezing now! Keep warm.xx

paola said...

You say "OH NO" i say bring it on. I wish we had snow like this Net, in my wildest dreams, we are perishing with 45' temperatures, be careful what you wish for. I have never been or seen this kind of snow in my life, couple years ago it snowed in South Africa, about 1foot of snow and my son and i were out in it at 1am.
Enjoy it, i wish i was there

Janice said...

Love the luminous snow. I tried to get pics of it actually snowing but the didn't show up, maybe the night shots are the best way!

Hazel said...

Love the photos, but not the snow - although it does look pretty on the tree. Brrrrrrr - getting lots of it here now x

Caroline said...

gorgeous photos - love the last one especially with the glowing light and the falling snow....x

Sharon said...

Great pictures!!!

Scrappy~Sarah said...

great shots....love the luminous tree :)

Unknown said...

Fabulous shots Net ... love love love the bottom one ... a lot!

Michele Spera said...

Hi Net, No you can keep your snow, we keep getting our own here and I don't want any more:-)But Yours looks beautiful hehe

Kaz said...

Those are some lovely photos Net xx

Traceyr said...

You can see the lights on the Christmas tree Net but shouldn't it be taken down by now?

Too much snow here too so I really don't think I will be coming to take any of yours thanks. :)

Kathy said...

Fab photos Net. You did really well especially as you love snow in the same way I do ;)