Monday 20 September 2010

Tinny tin tin!

Howdy Bloggettes!

Me again ;)) I know in pretty quick succession to my last post - how did that happen?

I mean have I got organised all of a sudden or something? Nah like that is so NOT going to happen.

So when I was in Vegas ;)) I happened to find a little cigar tin, it was clean! So for some reason I picked it up with a little seed of an idea in my mind.... like they do you know?

So I decided to titivate or as the term is these days 'alter' it. Heck its still titivating in my book lol

So I decided to do it as a kiss in a tin for my OM - aren't I getting soppy! In my defence I have just had a new set of golf clubs....

So here's the lid.

Magnolia heart stamp which has been Copic'd and Glamour dusted, a little strip of lace and a few pearls.

The inside.... ~blushes~

The sentiment on the inner lid with just a touch of lace.

The 'bottom' of the lid with a Tilda and a few roses.

So there you have 'the' tin. The OM really liked it though ;)) I hope you do too.

I suppose you could adapt it for all sorts of soppy/sentimental things.


Sue said...

How cute Net.
I have just aquired some cigar tins and was wondering how to alter them. We bring cigars back from hols for a friend and I asked if I could have the empties.
What have you used as a
base coat to cover the tin?
Sue x

Billie said...

Hi Net

What a lovely idea, love the sentiment too. Would make great gifts.

Best wishes

Billie :)

Kaz said...

Fab tittivating Net!! Love that heart x

Karen said...

Awe...you soppy thing!!! Thats gorgeous Net. So....how many times has he used it then? hehe XXX

Irena said...

Gorgeous creation :)

Riet said...

This is so gorgeous,I love the image and the colours.

Hugs Riet.x

Mary J said...

Wonderful, Net! I have got a couple spare tins just like this lying around - now I'm gonna make something with them!

I haven't received any emails from you, Net. I sent you one earlier today so I hope you got that!

Lavender Rose said...

Great idea and beautifully done too.