Wednesday 9 March 2011


WOMOWDW? I can hear you saying what on earth is WOMOWDW??? Well its easy really... it means What's On My Other Work Desk Wednesday! See simples! The reason I say my 'other' work-desk, well not actually a work desk more a worktop to be honest. I've been bitten by the sewing bug and you've seen the state of my desk... trust me its no better than last time I showed you ;)) So my sewing work-desk is my work-top!

Anyway after my last bag (the post with no words so maybe your favourite) I'm onto my next bag. This time I've opted for a hand bag, again my usual lengthy fabric selection.... its not my fault the shop has too many nice ones in.... so anyway I adapted a pattern from a book. Get me eh adapting patterns! Anyway its basically strips of fabric which have been backed onto some calico to give it a bit of substance. I added some lace from my 'meagre' stash which I dyed to match it in better.


The part done bag! Now at the moment it doesn't look like that at all. Since then its almost finished I just need to put the handle on, so I'll show it to you then.

Now while I was on such a roll I was looking at some scraps of fabric, now you can't throw them away can you? So before I knew it I'd got them sewn onto a scrap of calico... added a zip and ta-darrrrrr

A purse!

Of course it matches my new bag perfectly!

So that's my work-top er desk - what's on yours?


Karen said...

ooo the fabrics are as lovely as you described Net!!! See what you mean about the curve...well done you as that can be tricky! It all looks gorgeous so far & now I have to wait to see it finished so hurry up hahaha xxx

Tertia said...

That bag is going to be really lovely and cool purse too.
Happy belated WOYWW

Hazel said...

You're so getting into this sewing now - fab results x

Traceyr said...

That is great Net and you have put in a zip! Wow I am impressed. :)

Nicky said...

love your bag your are making and love the pink reversible bag you made later ~ running late this week but just getting in before it all starts again ~ Nicky 2