Tuesday 5 July 2011

The tour continues and some news


Our tour of the East Coast continues! This weekend it was Cleethorpes.... Cleethorpes is a quaint little town which joins onto Grimsby and is right on the mouth of the Humber Estuary. Now when the tide goes out they mean its out! By around a mile or so! So I think that is definitely out! The first photo shows the tide in almost fully out level. You can just make out the martello towers in the estuary. I can remember visiting Cleethorpes as a child and there being horse and carts to take you to the sea edge when the tide was out!

Now this is a couple of rides - yes the tide comes and laps round them! I'm not sure what happens if they have an extra high tide!

And yes your eyes don't deceive you - people are swimming in the sea. Now me personally didn't stick a toe in the water but I reckon seeing as its the North Sea it would be pretty cold. these kids are obviously made of sterner stuff than me.

I felt shivery just looking at them! Oh and yes we had fish and chips.... again! I know I'll be reaching barrel proportions soon;)) I'm not sure if there's many seaside towns reachable late on a Sunday afternoon. Which is probably a good thing for my waistline.

Oh and now for my bit of news.... Stampotique have invited me to be their Guest Designer for July over on their Designers Challenge blog. If you've time pop over and laugh at the spectacularly scary photo of me! Oh and there'll be challenges and stuff too.


Patty Sue 2 said...

Such a beautiful area. I would love to be on our trip!

Hazel said...

Just catching up with what I've missed while I was away. This brings back memories of a holiday at Cleethorpes when in my late teens. Congrats on the design team guest slots x

Karen said...

Oh well done on being a guest designer on S my lovely! Ummm....I thought it might have been you which is why I looked there first hahahaha!!! xxx