Sunday 10 March 2013

For Mum at TG

Well howdy there folks - have you got nasty soggy weather too?  Though saying that it was sleeting last time I looked.  And that's one step away from snow!  And you know how much I like snow, I was rather hoping we'd seen the back of the white stuff.  Heck I'm waiting for some nice hot sun!  Warm would be a start.

So we've another challenge started at Totally Gorjuss.  This week we want something for your Mum.  After all tomorrow is Mothers Day - so come on spoil your Mums!

Now mine is no longer with us, so I made some little boxes which can be used to place a little gift in.

One in cream and one in pink.  they're very easy to do, the fold is basically a pizza box but smaller.

Now while I was in Tenerife - oh the sun!  (Oh and someone I know was there the week after us and said the weather was pants)  Janis and I went to a show - singing and dancing very good, food pants.  Sat on our table was this lady.... As I said the weather was very good, nice and hot, we couldn't work out why this lady was wearing woolly gloves - indoors!

Now in Tenerife there are lots and lots of cats! These are just everywhere :( Now I'm partial to a kitty cat and so naturally I had to feed them. We'd been out one night and I didn't like my meal.   So I very carefully cut all the meat up and fed it to the cats!  They certainly liked it!


Look at that beauty on the left!  And as for the little torti on the right as well.... I could have brought both of them home with me!  Lots of these cats are just dumped by their owners.

So of you ever go to Tenerife keep a friendly eye out for these poor kitties, give them some food and a drink.  they'll appreciate it!

As I'm listening to the rain lashing against the window I thought I'd show you a little picture of nice blue skies.... and yes it was hot!

Till next time peeps.


Traceyr said...

Net great boxes and beautifully decorated too.

But why was the woman wearing fingerless gloves????


Kath said...

I love your boxes, Net.They are beautiful.

I wonder if the lady with the gloves had something wrong with her hands? Maybe some skin disorder?

Net said...

No she took them off when she was eating! I think it was a fashion thing!