Saturday 16 March 2013

Hey back in circulation

Boo! Only little old me!  I feel a bit like I'm stuck in a revolving door!  One minute I'm here and then I'm not!  Been busy a usual and then another chest infection found me :-((  Its a bugger I'm coughing so hard its a good job I'm not a Tena lady!  Still eventually the AB's should kick in, I just wish they were instant!

So no cardage pics today.  I thought a couple of chickie pics would be in order.  So every morning Little Polly is put back in a nice clean cage with paper neatly put in the bottom.  Polly decided she can arrange it better!  And immediately sets about altering it to her exacting specifications.

Then of course ones feathers must be in perfect condition at all times.  So a spot of preening is the order of the day.  Every feather must be checked.

While Polly likes arranging her paper Tinker still has a big fascination with tubes....  I mean you just have to stick your head in them.... don't you?

Now no cards as I said but here's a cake!

It was a friends birthday and I made her a cake.


There isn't really a dimple in the top!  Just my usual photography skills (or lack of them).   I have to say the cake was delicious and most importantly she really liked it too.

I've had a good day out today - a trip to the GNPE at Harrogate.  I met up with some blogging and DT buddies - the fabulous Hazel and Christine.  I have to say though that Hazel is a thoroughly bad influence on me..... I mean I came back with loads of stuff I didn't know I needed!

Till next time!


Anonymous said...

Love the pics - made me laugh! And that cake looks delish :-)
It is amazing what you find you need at shows isn't it?! Mind you, the internet makes it hard to resist splurging as well...
Kat x

Hazel said...

Moi a bad influence!! mmmmm think you've got a lot to answer too young lady too!

H xx

Maire Gamber said...

Your birds are wonderful! I have three birds, and two fur babies.
Thank you for stopping by and the invitation to join your DT. I would love to join. Thank you!