Monday 20 October 2008

I love my camera!

Well not in the biblical sense you understand! Its really easy to use which is vital for me! I also wanted a viewfiinder as well as a screen. I find it hard to see the screen when its bright mainly I think due to my glasses. Still got one now. Oh its got a feature that recognises smiles! If you set it it won't take a photo until the subject is smiling! How cool is that? So armed with that and my new 'studio' I set about and photgraphed some cards. As brilliant as this camera is it hasn't automatically transformed me into David Bailey, must check where that feature on it is. ;))

Perhaps I sound mention what sort it is now I've sung its praises ~blushes~ its a Sony Cybershot, not I really must think of a name for it.... hmm is camera a boy or a girl? Well seeing as its behaving quite well it obviously must be a girl... hmmm any ideas for a name for her?

While you're perusing that earth shattering subject I'll show you a few photos (well I hope I do anyway!)

So here you have a little selection of cards - I only need make about another 1000 and I'll be good to go! Only kidding thank goodness! Now the bottom one is actually red glitter for the berries not random red splodges! I'm quite liking my Magnolia Father Christmas, I can see him being used a lot in the future.

So my Bloggette fans ~rolls eyes~ you will now be fast asleep over your keyboards!

Night night!


Hazel said...

Lovely cards, Net - I think the holly one is my favourite. You and your camera are making a good team!

Cazzy said...

Nice cards and cool camera!