Tuesday 14 October 2008

Whoa! I've done it!

Well at last I've succumbed - I've got me a blog.

Now what will I do with it?

How many people will I send to sleep when ~laughs hysterically~ they ~more hysteria!~ actually read it!

I suppose it could be promoted as an insomnia cure if nothing.

Will I remember to ever update it?

Will I have anything to update it with? ~note to self 'take photos of your stuff!~ ;))

Ooo just checked, Firefox spellchecker works - hooray!


Hazel said...

Welcome to blogland - it's about time! And you know that I need something for the insomnia - lol!

Dollydimps said...

*prepares to stalk Net*

Rachelxx said...

Welcome to blogland Net :-)