Wednesday 4 March 2009

Copic workshop and stuff!

Hiya Bloggettes! I'm baaack! Well I've not actually been anywhere as such, just been laid rather low with a bad case of the Lurgy. Its been a tricky Lurgy too you think its going and then it comes back! Hopefully its now really going! It also left me feeling really really tired too So what have I been up to? Well Sunday I went to a Copic Workshop run by Maddy It was great! Linnie came too. Thanks also to Rachel who was the hostess with the mostest and kept up supplied with coffee and biscuits and made us a lovely lunch. So we all did exactly as we were told and were really quiet and listened to the Teacher... and did everything she said and hung on her every word!

Seriously a lovely day and this is the card I had at the end of it - cute huh?

Little Calvin Mouse came too, he's had a torrid time of it in the week when Rotty Rat was caught passing him through the Big Shot! Three pieces of cake sorted him out somewhat though!
Some of the other ladies who came were Georgina and Joanne - both worked hard all day!
Denise and Tricia. Denise has got to be the most organised crafter in the world! ;)) She had the most beautiful craft carrier that she'd altered.

Juliet looking studious in profile. I'm not really sure what Maddy was doing.... any ideas folks?

So that's all for now folks (didn't a cartoon finish with that phrase??)


H said...

Fab card :)
It's a shame i couldn't come to such a great day.
Looking at all those copics im surprise Rachel didn't get robbed:):)

Hazel said...

Looks as if a good day was had by all x

Lynne said...

Love the card, we are all looking forward to our Copics class this weekend. Lynne

Gez Butterworth said...

OoOoOo.... Net your card is STUNNING.

Your colouring is PERFECT in every way. Love the little touches with the white pen too.

Nice to see Calvin on the mend. :) How did he manage to snaffle 3 pieces of cake?? heheh!!
Hope he got lots of TLC on the day. Is he just as cute IRL?

Glad you're feeling better Net. Hope the bugs have gone for good. May be some of our snow will kill them off. Would you like some??....only joking. I know how much you love the stuff!! not!

Take care.
Gez. XXX

PS... While it was all very nice seeing an exclusive of Calvin. How are Harry & Tinker? Things are very quite on their front???