Friday 25 September 2009

Strictly friday!

Yoohoo! here I am Bloggettes, did you wonder I was? Humour me please! I haven't actually been anywhere as such - just busy, busy, busy and then tired, tired and more tired! So its official I am a BAD Blogger!

So what have you all been up to? Me well erm.... busy....

So a couple of cards to show you - I made these round at a mates. I was planning on taking my Christmas Tildas... only I picked up the wrong box doh! So I had a quick filch through Julies box and borrowed these. Both are coloured with distress inks. I then added a snowflake to some Primas, a snowflake cut from felt, an acetate snowflake with icy twinkles on and a pearl brad for the centre. A hunt at home revealed a sentiment from Cornish Heritage Farm. I think she looks kind of sweet.

This one is pretty similar just done in Chritmassy red. I added a dangly charm to the flower and HOTP sentiment.

I like both these colour combos for Christmas - I can't decide which is my favourite. I used to be indecisive..... now I just can't make up my mind!

Now finally a little treat. This is my little baby girl Tinker. Now Tinker is a cheeky little monkey and very persistent! If she thinks you're eating something you should share it with her! If you don't offer her some she'll try and help herself. This is just what she's trying to do to Dan. I'm always amazed at just how far she can stretch herself!

Oh have you been and had a look at the new challenge blog that's starting soon? its www.totallygorjuss.blogspot and you can find it here There's a DT call out too - come and have a go!

Sunday 20 September 2009

DT call out

Hi ladies oh and guys!

Just to let you know there is a DT call out on a new blog.


Why not pop over and give it a go?

Wednesday 16 September 2009


Hi Bloggettes!

Eeee by gum burrits cowd! Well I'm a Yorkshire girl you know! I also realise you've probably no idea what I said lol Basically its means its cold! We seem to have dropped into winter really quickly. Can anyone tell me how long till summer please?

So a couple of treats for you Bloggettes. Well I hope you think they are ;))

First of all this is a card I made for a friends birthday recently. I had to hold off showing it as she will occasionally drop by here. Would have spoilt the surprise a bit if it were here first!

Its quite simple really, a Magenta stamped out on paper and cut out. A few purple and lilac flowers, a charm and done. I thinks its quite pretty. Oh the papers are Basic Grey Euphoria. Once I decided on purple I discovered I don't really have very much paper in purple!

So a couple more for you. Over on the Whiff of Joy blog they're running a DT call. So seeing as I LURVE their stamps I thought I'd have a go. There are some fantastic entries for it. But heck I thought I'd have a go anyway. ~titters~ You got to be in it to win it right? So these two are a couple I've done. This first one uses Willow and her little turkey. I never thought I use a stamp that has the image of a baby turkey! I think you have to agree its cute! Got to love those turkeys....

This one uses Oakley - I always think he has a cheeky chap look to him. After I'd decided what papers to use (Bo Bunny Blueberry Pie). I decided I had no suitable sentiments :( A bit of rooting around and I found these Autumn Leaves Ticketed stamps. Two of those were perfect. Incidentally there's some new ones out now which are even better - typical huh? Jill over at The Hobby House has them and tons of other super stamps and well stuff.

I resisted using flowers! Though I have been known to slip them on a mans card before now. Instead I opted for a photo anchor and a couple of corners.

Well I hope you all stay warm Bloggettes - I'm just going to tweak the thermostat up a bit.

Wednesday 9 September 2009

Whiff of Joy DT call

While blog hopping I came across the DT call for the Whiff of Joy DT. What the heck I thought - give it a go!

I really like their stamps, they're beautifully drawn and are a breeze to colour. I do like colouring! I like to use Copics, Prismas or Distress inks. That can be individually or a combination of them. I especially like to use flowers on my cards.

This is done with one of the new Fall Collection and made to their current sketch on their challenge blog.

Thanks for looking!

Here again!

Oh no cry the Bloggettes! She's here again so soon! I know bad penny is backkkk!

Only kidding - for some reason my mojo seems to have made an appearance! So I thought I'd best take advantage of it. Chain the little blighter to my desk before it runs away again I say!

So I had a good luck card to make. A lady who I know from the Fat Club is starting a new job so I thought I'd do her a card. It kind of came together quite quickly - for once - thanks Mojo! The only slight problem being the beads didn't want to stick on the pins quite as quickly as I wanted them to. Not that I'm impatient or anything you understand..... All the people who know me in real life will now be laughing hysterically!

Still I'm quite pleased with it. Its different to what I've been making lately. I mean a stamp hasn't been near the card for a start nor a copic or a distress ink! Eeeps how did that happen???

A little close up of the flower, this consists of a punched back, 3 (yes 3!) prima flowers and a little flower charm on a chain. (If I were doing it again I'd make it a bit longer). A couple of hat type pins and beads and some die cutting for the sentiment. I'll admit I was going to use a rub on but I could'nt find the ones I wanted.... ~blushes~

And now a proper treat! Anothe clip of the girls! Have you ever wondered how a parrot eats custard? Of course you have. watch and be amazed. Oh the little noise Harry makes (who is on the left looking at her)means 'GO AWAY THIS IS MINE!!!!!'

Two little cuties aren't they?

Till next time Bloggettes, I hope by then my leg will have stopped growing. I'll tell of the fun at the drop in centre.....

Monday 7 September 2009


Hi there Bloggettes!

Hope you're all well and not too fed up of this manky weather! Its so mixed up! The OM and myself managed a game of golf with some friends yesterday (I haven't been playing as I've got carpal tunnel syndrome) and it was lovely.... apart from the fact that some vile beasties had a real feast on my leg! I now have one normal leg and one which looks as if it should be on a pink elephant... Oh make that an itchy pink elephant!

Anyways itching aside I do have a couple of ~ahem~ treats for you lol

While I was blog hopping the other day I came across a sketch for the Whiff of Joy challenge done by the fabulous Bev. So off I rushed to make a card using a Whiff of Joy stamp.... when I finished I realised I'd used a Tilda! PMSL! I mean someone tell me how are Tildas like Whiff of Joy stamps? If someone knows please tell me because I obviously have no clue! Still I think its a pretty card and a lovely sketch, nice and simple - just like me!

My second offering (gosh I know how to treat you well don't I?) is my card for this weeks challenge over at Cute Daisy May. I set the challenge of 'Pink and', being generous the DT girls could choose which other colour to add. I almost went for green.... but then thought I always do that! So I had a look at my papers to see what else I had with pink in. I rooted around and found a pristine untouched pad of basic Grey Euphoria lurking on the shelf. I blew off the dust and rashly tore out a whole sheet! After I'd caught my breath I then cut it! Boy was I on a roll here, so I put it back in the cupboard, I mean enoughs enough right? So this is my little effort. There are some super cards from the DT again.

Finally the last treat - and arguably the best!

My little Tinker is a feisty little Madam. She will often shy away at new toys but not at the cats! Dudley had decided to come and sit on my lap.... as you can see little Missy Tinker wasn't impressed!

It wouldn't be the first time that she's bitten him! Because Dudley is a few sandwiches short of a picnic (or dim if you prefer) he'll still stick his nose through the bars to say hello!

Till next time Bloggettes!