Saturday 30 May 2009

Super sunny Saturday!

Hi Bloggettes! Wow what a super day I've had! Not only has it been beautifully sunny - roll on more sun I say! I've also had rather a fab day out to boot! Linnie and me had a trip to Hobby House Crafts where the fab Bev Rochester was doing a demo. It was really really good! We had a scream we had a real good laugh, oh we learnt how to paint with distress inks too. I'm sure the ink will wear off my hands in a few days or so! I still have a couple of little things to finish up on that card - hopefully you'll get to see it tomorrow. So for today here is a card I did the other day.

I do think these Gorguss Girls are sweet and, well gorgeous lol! So this little sweetie is done in a tried and tested colour combo. Pink and green! How could that be bad? That's right never! So a mix of some Basic Grey, Coredinations and Prima flowers and done! A nice shot of my kitchen socket.... One day I'll get the photos right! Perhaps.....
Back to a few more holiday photos. Don't worry there's only about 300 more or so to show you...

Another sunset. I got a bit obsessed with these I think! For this one I actually got down on my knees to try and get a better angle. I think it kind of worked - well for me anyway. You've all seen my photo skills! Maybe I should say lack of them. lol

These pretty flamingoes were at Busch Gardens. All the flamingoes were stood around on one leg just chilling and doing flamingo stuff, that is standing on one leg! The one with all his back feathers up went round all the others ones chasing them! Flamingoes make a funny noise when they're vexed a bit like ducks quacking!

Now I've no idea what sort of bird this little guy is - I thought he looked really funny. Those really long thin legs with little feet on the end! Surprisingly he could run really quickly - but he only took little steps so his legs went really really fast. It looked really really funny... perhaps you had to be there!
So that's all from me today Bloggettes. I'm off to cover the lids of my Distress inks with acetate so I can play painting. Oh I might have ~ahem~ bought a couple of bits and pieces while I was there.....~blushes and runs off~

Wednesday 27 May 2009

Wintery Wednesday!

Brr Bloggettes! Feels mighty chilly here today. Its grey, then its sunny, then its grey! Oh I forgot to mention the wind! That's what's making it so cool I think. Still at least its not raining!

So I thought I'd brighten up your day with a few more of my holiday photos!

Firstly we have a photo of some of the Lorikeets at Busch Gardens. You buy (they get their birds fed for free!) little pots of nectar which the birds come to eat. These guys eat a little differently to most parrots. Their tongues have a tip which is a little like a brush, that way they can lap better. In the wild they mainly eat flower nectar.

So on my arm from left to right is a Blue Streaked Lory, a Moluccan Lorikeet (the biggest guy in the aviary and he knew and so did all the others!) and a Rainbow Lorikeet. Cute aren't they?

This is a photo of an Osprey - the thing at its feet is a fish! A few yards away was its nest, complete with babies shouting their heads off! They were obviously waiting for their dinner!

This is the nest. They erect these poles and put a platform on for the birds. There were Ospreys all over the place!

Now this one is just a gratuitous 'pretty tree' photo! I just thought these were, well pretty! I took all these photos on the golf course. Thats a really good place to see tons of wildlife. Oh this one was at a place called Dunedin.

Oh well I suppose I ought to show you a card! It is supposed to be a craft blog after all ;))

Now this is an unusualchoice of colours for me, I can't ever remember making an orange card! In all the tears I've made them - orange doesn't spring to my mind as my first choice!

So I used one of the new Gorguss Girls. For a change I coloured her skin a few shades darker so it seemed natural to give her some really dark hair! The bright coloured dress just followed suit. Well once that had happened the rest of the colours just flowed really.

I used a combination of Basic Grey papers, Coredinations card, Prima flowers, charms and stick on gems. Of course the girl was Copiced!

Thanks for looking Bloggettes - have you entered my blog candy draw?

Sunday 24 May 2009


At last! Blogger played and let my candy stay at the top!

So here is my effort for weeks challenge over at Cute Daisy May Challenge This week its monotone. I had to sneak in a smidgeon of pink though! I think a tiny bit is allowed though. ;)) Also up for grabs is a new DT spot - fancy your chance? Come on over and have a look.

So this week I've used one of the new Gorguss Girls - and isn't she gorgeous? I also cut into more of my new Making Memories Black Tie paper, a little punching with EK Success punches, Prima flowers, a dangly charm and a few stick on gems. I must admit I'm rather pleased with her. The paper at the back does have a pattern on - it shows up if you click on the pic ;))

Here we have a sunset.... this was the view from our apartment balcony while we were in Florida. ~sigh~ Fabulous ins't it?
A view up the beach towards Honeymoon Island - not as romantic as it sounds!
And a view just forwards! I'm so imaginative eh?
Don't fret there are more pictures to come. How many can YOU cope with? I know Blogger can't...


Hi Bloggettes!

Who am I Grrr-ing at? Blogger of course! I want a post to stay at the top.... he doesn't!

So I shall blog on regardless!

Here is a pic of my latest tattoo - it looks rather big in this shot! Its not, honestly! I'll blame it on OM's camera (or lack of) skills ;))

Then last night I felt the urge to CUT SOME PAPER!!! Crikey it came over me all of a sudden. So I had a sift through my stash and came upon my new Making Memories 'Black Tie' pad - a brand new less than a week old pad too! I checked my box of already coloured images and found this little 'almost' monotone Gorguss Girl....

I decided that all monotone just didn't do it for me so a couple of pink Cricut flourishes dropped on! Well the front of her dress is pink too! A couple of black gems on the side border too. I punched the border with one of my new EK Success border punches - also from my hols!

I can't decide whether her hair should be darker. I think it looks it in real life but the kitchen was sunny and makes it look paler!

That's my excuse and I'm sticking to it!

Friday 22 May 2009

Candy here!

Not actually here... not done the pics yet.

Here over at Nutshells blog.

Thursday 21 May 2009

Back in the building!

Hi Bloggettes!


Mind you I suppose you've gathered that by now. ;)) So we've had a fantastic time in very very sunny Florida. I have several hundred pictures I can show you later! You think I'm kidding don't you.... I also made like a diary thing so I can bore er tell you about that too!

Well to start you off a couple of gratuitous parrot pictures - taken before we went away I hasten to add. This is little Missy Tinker munching on a chicken bone, it almost seems cannibalistic in a way.

Here is her Ladyship Harry - or as she is now known - Madam Bitey Britches! (more soon) She too is eating a chicken bone, being a Lady though she is using a plate to eat hers!

Her new name? Well Harry gets a bit, OK a LOT vexed when we, well me go away. She comes back in a really bitey mode! If she could chew my arms off she would! So we have to have a while of me ignoring her - strangely it does seem to help. If not she goes to see the vet for a bit of parrot HRT! So fingers crossed that I'll still be able to cross mine and keep them intact!

Now more importantly I need you to prepare yourselves - I thought I'd show you a pic of my newly acquired stash! Now firstly we have 'some' of the papers that I bought. Well a girl can never have too many papers can she? On the plus side I have just got rid of loads of paper! There was room on the rack which needed to be filled!
I also managed to find one or two punches..... well I could'nt decide which one to get....

Now a nicely blurry one of a more 'en mass' shot of the stash. My hand was shaking as I was on the phone! Nothing to do with a frisson of excitement at it piled up in its glory!
So I got dies, punches, ribbons, paper(s), rub ons, flowers, findings, hat pins, Cricut cartridges, stamps (of course!). Oh and I got myself a Slice too!

Now in addition to this I also did some shopping for you my lucky Bloggettes! Yup thats right- for YOU - Caique Momma has bought you some candy. Well I figured a reward was in order, heck you need some reward for reading my drivel!

I'll photo it tomorrow and get it sorted.