Monday 25 March 2013

Oh no..... and stuff..

Well BRRR!!!  I think that sums things up.... more of that though later...

So there's a new challenge, well OK it was new yesterday but I'm here today and well its new to me telling you about here, over at Totally Gorjuss  This week the easy theme (remember I set them so they're always easy) is 'Something borrowed'.  See I said it was easy.  So we want you to sue something borrowed on your creations.  You borrow and idea, a stamp... see easy!

This is my card.  I used this super Mo Manning image 'Paul typing' its was the Big L's birthday.... what image do you use for a young man??  Mo's are perfect for them!  So he was coloured up with Copics and some LOTV new papers.  Everything was going smoothly.... then I decided I needed to add 'something'  So I did the buttons - my borrowed item from my sewing box.... hmm it still needed something but what?  Then out of the corner of my eye I spotted my Viva Decor pen.  Perfect I thought a few dots and it will just add enough.  I mean flowers aren't really right on male cards are they?  So I began.... nothing came out of the nib!  So I squeezed a bit harder..... nothing..... a bit harder... and bugger me it all came out!  Darn top came off ~ stamps foot ~  So with half a bottle of the wretched stuff all over we were back to square one!

Eventually this is what I got - note the dots - I held my breath while doing them!

So here's the arty shot, naturally no flowers ;-))  The heart is a Magnolia die.  It has a hole in the top point.  I really wish it didn't if I'm honest.  I managed to cover it up with one of my dots.

Remember my 'BRRRR' comment at the beginning?  Well here's why!  We've had a stack more of the white stuff - about 8 inches of it!   Those branches hung down are one of my conifers - Mr Blackbirds favourite nesting spot :-((  I'll see if I can somehow tie them back together when the snows gone.  Its bitterly cold too - feels like -10!  Thanks very much wind chill factor I love you too!

There is a table under there - the orange thing is a beaker of bird food - we've almost got birds queueing up for food!

And finally to finish a little soggy Polly picture!

Saturday 16 March 2013

Hey back in circulation

Boo! Only little old me!  I feel a bit like I'm stuck in a revolving door!  One minute I'm here and then I'm not!  Been busy a usual and then another chest infection found me :-((  Its a bugger I'm coughing so hard its a good job I'm not a Tena lady!  Still eventually the AB's should kick in, I just wish they were instant!

So no cardage pics today.  I thought a couple of chickie pics would be in order.  So every morning Little Polly is put back in a nice clean cage with paper neatly put in the bottom.  Polly decided she can arrange it better!  And immediately sets about altering it to her exacting specifications.

Then of course ones feathers must be in perfect condition at all times.  So a spot of preening is the order of the day.  Every feather must be checked.

While Polly likes arranging her paper Tinker still has a big fascination with tubes....  I mean you just have to stick your head in them.... don't you?

Now no cards as I said but here's a cake!

It was a friends birthday and I made her a cake.


There isn't really a dimple in the top!  Just my usual photography skills (or lack of them).   I have to say the cake was delicious and most importantly she really liked it too.

I've had a good day out today - a trip to the GNPE at Harrogate.  I met up with some blogging and DT buddies - the fabulous Hazel and Christine.  I have to say though that Hazel is a thoroughly bad influence on me..... I mean I came back with loads of stuff I didn't know I needed!

Till next time!

Sunday 10 March 2013

For Mum at TG

Well howdy there folks - have you got nasty soggy weather too?  Though saying that it was sleeting last time I looked.  And that's one step away from snow!  And you know how much I like snow, I was rather hoping we'd seen the back of the white stuff.  Heck I'm waiting for some nice hot sun!  Warm would be a start.

So we've another challenge started at Totally Gorjuss.  This week we want something for your Mum.  After all tomorrow is Mothers Day - so come on spoil your Mums!

Now mine is no longer with us, so I made some little boxes which can be used to place a little gift in.

One in cream and one in pink.  they're very easy to do, the fold is basically a pizza box but smaller.

Now while I was in Tenerife - oh the sun!  (Oh and someone I know was there the week after us and said the weather was pants)  Janis and I went to a show - singing and dancing very good, food pants.  Sat on our table was this lady.... As I said the weather was very good, nice and hot, we couldn't work out why this lady was wearing woolly gloves - indoors!

Now in Tenerife there are lots and lots of cats! These are just everywhere :( Now I'm partial to a kitty cat and so naturally I had to feed them. We'd been out one night and I didn't like my meal.   So I very carefully cut all the meat up and fed it to the cats!  They certainly liked it!


Look at that beauty on the left!  And as for the little torti on the right as well.... I could have brought both of them home with me!  Lots of these cats are just dumped by their owners.

So of you ever go to Tenerife keep a friendly eye out for these poor kitties, give them some food and a drink.  they'll appreciate it!

As I'm listening to the rain lashing against the window I thought I'd show you a little picture of nice blue skies.... and yes it was hot!

Till next time peeps.

Saturday 2 March 2013

Its me and anything goes with pink!

Well howdy doody peeps!

Have you been enjoying a spot of balmy weather the last few days?  Its been lovely!  Nice sun, blue skies and a tiny bit of warmth!  Another 15 degrees and it'll be perfect!

Well the new challenge is on at Totally Gorjuss this week its really easy, like always, its anything goes....with pink!  Well we all know that pink goes with anything!  This week the sponsor is J and C Creations  One lucky person will get £10 for online treats.

So I made this - now I'm not sure but I think the image is by Robyns Fetish.... Basic Grey papers from ages ago and ta daaa!

Then I must have had a rush of blood or something because I also made a bracelet!  Not terribly difficult... but hey I made it!  And its pink!

Oh I nearly forgot the arty shot!  How could I?

So I've been off on a jaunt.   We flew over these.... which are (I think) the Atlas mountains - look at that snow!  It does look pretty and that's how I like to see snow, at a distance and through glass!

And this is where I went!

No its not landfill!  Its the beach near where I stayed in Tenerife.  I have to say that by and large the landscape in the south isn't pretty!  Black sand doesn't entice me onto the beach.... looks a bit like tarmac....

Now this beach is more what I'm used to!  But blow the scenery the weather was fantastic!  it was HOT!  A lovely weeks break in the sun with a good friend.  Yup the OM was left at home....

Now while I was there I saw this lovely necklace... I thought it went really nicely with my blue dress....

However when I took it off I had a blue neck!  I look like I'd been throttled lol  So the necklace went back.  According to the woman who sold it there was nothing wrong with the necklace....

It was me apparently I'm toxic :-0  Something I dare say some people have thought for a number of years.  Not cheap imitation stones like I suggested at all....