Sunday 16 November 2008

Here you are Margy - just for you!

Thursday 13 November 2008

Coffee morning done and dusted!

Hey Bloggettes! Did you think I'd forgotten you? As if! Well the Coffee Morning is over! Done AND dusted! Phew! I do have to say though it was a success! We raised almost £1,000 for the Air Ambulance, so I'm pretty chuffed to say the least ;))) I don't reckon I want to do another one though, or if I do I'll not decide to arrange it with only a couple of weeks notice. I therefore must be offically bonkers! I mean I wrapped over 160 prizes for the tombola - that's me who hates wrapping a few things up at Christmas!! Plus some of them were really really stupid shapes too. I mean how do you wrap hexagonal bird feeders? or baskets? or balls? That's an item by the way NOT what i was thinking! Still all done now.

So a few photos for you Bloggettes, some said tombola, cake stall and the crowds! lol that last bit makes it sound much bigger than it was but hey remember two's company and three's a crowd!

Sunday 9 November 2008

Wheeee - flyin'!

Well that's what it feels like anyway, not in the usual sense you know as in wings flapping, soaring high above the earth.... more like the 'Eeeeps! why on earth did I agree to do so many things in such a short space of time' kind of flying, perhaps flapping might have been a better choice of word! I (rashly) agreed to host a coffee morning in aid of my charity - the Air Ambulance. Oh I have a charity because I'm Captain at the golf club this year - more busy-ness there. Anyway me being me I've still got masses to do, mainly being a mountain of thing I need to wrap for a tombola.... any takers?

So no pics to show you today loyal Blogettes - I was going to but the battery on my camera is flat! So next time!

OK - who's got the sellotape?

Wednesday 5 November 2008

Busy busy!

Hi readers - what a manky grey dreary day it is too! Is it ever going to stop being wet? Hopefully...

Still its been a tad busy here at CM Towers. It was craft class last night so I managed to crack on and get some more Christmas cards done. All while yapping away and scoffing jaffa cakes! How good is that. Of course the jaffa cakes were eaten whole, purely so no chocolate got on the cards! hahaha! You do believe me don't you? Of course would CM fib to you....

So here are a few pics of some of the cards. You'll notice my little parrot again. I've discovered that by different colouring I can make him into different parrots! How cool! I just need High Hopes to make a cocokatoo now!

Monday 3 November 2008

A treat!

Yay Bloggettes never fear Caique-Momma is here!

Hmm I bet you're all uber relieved to hear that! Well what's been happening in CM Towers? Well let me begin - I bet you can't wait! Saturday me and Mr CM went to a dance, food was pretty crappy to be honest but the singers they had was fab! So much so my feet were killing me when I got home, on account of dancing and I was wearing my comfiest going out high heels. So a good night there then.

Yesterday I had therapy, retail therapy! Of the craft kind. After a couple of stamps and a few papers (because I hardly have any you understand) I felt much better.

Plus Madam Postie brought me long awaited parrot stamps from Canada. Actually I did think they were coming by carrier pigeon but they're here and I love them!

So here are a couple of Christmas cards using one of them. I wonder how many Christmas cards actually feature parrots?....

So here they are - enjoy!

Saturday 1 November 2008

Hey Bloggettes! Have you missed me? The answer to that that question by the way is YES! ;)) So I'm sure you've all been on the edge of your seats for the latest events at Caique-Momma Towers. Right get ready and I'll begin... hey wake up at the back already! So in this lovely chilly well CM (Caique-Momma stay with me folks) has been a busy gal. Loads of baking, card making and other fun playing bits and bobs. More of that later. The girls have been to see nasty Mr Vet for a pedicure. Harry who is usually the more reserved of the two was a good girl, she came of of the carry box a treat! Laid on her back and had her nails done and blew the Vet lovely kisses. Tinker who is usually the hooligan and VERY forward refused to come out of the box! After two attempts, both times Harry came out instead, he eventually got his gal! Well yes she laid nicely in his hand and also made the LOUDEST crying scared baby noises you have ever heard come out of such a little parrot! It worked though because the Vet relaxed slightly.... only a tiny tiny but.... it was enough the little bugger managed to get a sneaky bite in and laughed! As a way of an apology she did blow him a rather nice kiss after! CM managed an embarassed snigger too, I mean I hate having my feet touched too so I can sympathise with her.

So what else - well an especially long meeting, not with Mr Er and Ahh though. Another one which involved 3 pages of doodling from me. A sign of it dragging on far too long!

So a few picture 'treats' for you now. Gosh I know how to spoil you! Just a couple of Christmas cards.