Thursday 27 December 2012

What is this deserted place?

~ pushes open door and coughs in the dust ~

Wow what is this place?  Surely not the long abandoned Caique-Momma blog?  Well I've found my way back again!  Yay they shout at the back.... or was that boo???

Well if anyone does drop by and read this I promise to be back real soon with a catch up whats happened these past months.  There's been some very sad news but as a start to the upcoming new year there's going to be a nice surprise too.

See ya'll 

Net -x-

Sunday 22 April 2012

Oh my!

Hi there folks - gosh what's happened??? Who has abducted Blogger???  Have 'my' aliens struck back and this time taken Blogger instead of me?  I'm in the 'no likey' the (no doubt) 'new and improved' Blogger.... Heck it took me ages before, lord knows how long it'll take me now!

Still a couple of things for you.

Firstly a double entry for this here card.  This week over at Totally Gorjuss  the challenge is for Boys Toys.  Now what could be more of a Boys Toy than a sporty Audi?  That's right not much!  This week our sponsor is Heathers Hobbie Haven.The stamp is from Little Claire and is also my DT card for their current challenge which is something round and circles.  Perfect use for this shaped card from Which Crafts UK.  Lovely as it is it was a bugger to photograph!

Now you remember my poorly kitty Jasper?  Well he's not doing too bad... good days and bad but he seems happy in himself.  Now a favourite spot with him and Dudley is an old holdall they've claimed!  Now they aren't usually into sharing....

Dudley was in first..... Jasper invited himself in and made himself comfy.... Dudley left shortly after!

I've managed to fit in a spot of sewing too.  I've got a few things in the 'projects unfinished' corner ;-))  In my defence they're complicated - well to me they are.  So I decided I wanted to do something quick and easy.  I've been after some Minky for simply ages and I finally got some (only in pink though) so I made a little baby blankie.  I backed it with some soft cotton and appliquéd a heart on.  I have to say I'm really quite pleased with it.

Oh and any guesses who this is in the norty towel?

I mean would anyone believe such a sweet little face could be guilty of biting their Mummy?.....

Saturday 7 April 2012

That time of the week again!

Well its that time again! Yup tis only little Old Moi! Yup despite my best intentions I don't seem to manage to get here more than once a week! Life is hectic to say the least.

So its a new challenge over at Totally Gorjuss Its a nice easy sketch this week, I draw them so they can only be easy! I opted for a Magnolia - I can never remember the names of them but she's got a teddy on her lap. I also broke into a 'new' aka unused Basic Grey Capella paper pad. I hyperventilated! Plus a bit of a colour scheme change for me too.

I used my Doo Hickey fence die and some lovely ribbon roses to finish the sketch. Oh and a few other flowers some how worked their way in too!

Here's your arty shot.

And another one! This shows that I layered up the little teddy bear. Isn't he sweet?

I'm entering this into the current challenge at Just Magnolia. The theme this week is 'Anything goes' and a new challenge at Fashionista which is also 'Anything goes' Get me eh Two challenges! Well three really.... is this a record???

Now a spot of good news - I've been asked to join the DT at Little Claires! They have some lovely stamps, oh and heaps of other stuff too. So watch this space!

Saturday 24 March 2012

Boo! Guess who?

Well hi there folks! Tis only little old me sneaking back in again! Now I seem to have come down with some kind of lurgy.... so thanks to whoever gave it to me!!! I really don't have time for it to be honest. So I've kind of grounded myself... well till I get bored anyway. Oh that doesn't take long ;-)) My boredom threshold is real short! I think its about the same as a goldfish....

So howabout I give you a photo-fest? Well I do feel I've been abandoning my reader! So I thought I'd give you a weeks worth of pics in one post!

So you recall Jasper our poorly kitty cat? He's not too well at the moment but fingers crossed he perks up soon - well he's turned into a real bed cat. Talk about make himself comfy!

I mean where else would you expect to go when you feel the need for a spot of personal grooming?

Now a new challenge has just, well yesterday anyway, launched over at Totally Gorjuss Its real complicated this week.... AS IF! Its simply to use some spots and stripes on your creation. Heck the challenges will always be easy - I mean I usually pick them!

Well this week has seen the Big L's birthday. Now male themed cards are picky enough to make... but even more so for my nearest and dearest. Big L is a game nut! So this Mo manning image is perfect for him! Coloured with Copics and a touch of pencilling for a bit of depth.

I have to say I rather like it. Now much as I love flowers on my cards I don't think the Big L would share my love of them! The corner looked a bit nekid, I tried a corner die cut and then decided on a little star button and a spot of twine. The sentiment is one of the new LOTV stamps. LOTV are this weeks sponsors too.

So while I'm in photo mode....

Here's a cute little peg bag I made in class last week. I think this fabric is fab! It has the funniest sayings ;-))

So when I got home I decided to make a simpler one, well mainly because I had no ric rac!

And I think I've been lacking in chickie photos too.

So here's Harry just relaxing! Yup she'll lay like that in your hand for ages! If you tickle her ears she goes to sleep.

Naturally Little Missy Bitey Britches was busy....

Oh there's a glass here.... I wonder if there's anything in it?

Oh wow there's a drop of juice in the bottom! Can I reach it?

Right that's the last drop licked out of there then!

Now Tinker was determined to make sure that all the juice had gone - 10 minutes she spent inside the glass!

Monday 5 March 2012

Spring and snow?

Well howdy!

Well last week I was cock-a-hoop! Well for me anyway, it appeared that spring had indeed sprung! Our lone daffodil had poked its head through the clay - all the others having vanished over the years. No chance of them increasing here! My back twinges if I even think about when I planted two sacks of bulbs one afternoon! What a waste, I could just have planted the one and been done with it! Its always the same one that valiantly appears each year. Maybe I should send it off to a bulb grower for them to reproduce it as an especially strong variety? But then we won't have any in our garden..... I do think that lone daffodil is a tremendous display! And then on Sunday it bloody snowed! Er I thought Spring was here? Luckily the snow amounted to nothing. If it had you'd have heard me proper moaning!

So while I was enjoying the weather I made this little cutie up for the latest challenge over at Totally Gorjuss. This week we're sponsored by the wonderful Joanna Sheen. One lucky person will get £10 to spend on line!

I used my newest Tilda - she's stamping! Isn't she just super? The papers are Basic Grey 'sweet threads', WOC flowers and lace from stash.

The obligatory 'arty' shot! Love those two tone sweetheart blossoms ♥

Now here's Jasper. he's not doing too bad at the moment. Still uber skinny but he's going for a wander round the garden when he likes and still taking up most of the bed! That's 'our bed by the way! Here he is sprawled out - long isn't he? You can still see where he was shaved :-(( This is actually a holdall which he claimed! He thinks its a cosy cat bed.

There's also been some sewing!

Now this is a patchwork bag in various blacks and greys. Its got inside pockets which are useful. I do like it its quite a handy size. Not too big for me to cram it full and make it weigh a ton!

I liked it so I made another one in pink!

Thanks for visiting me today - I will hopefully get around to see you soon - things are manic here as usual. There's some BIG hassles on the horizon..... families huh? got to love em......

Sunday 26 February 2012

Only me!

Here I am! Back from yet another alien abduction! I know who'd believe it.... aliens here again and me being abducted again..... ~whistles~..... Or should I just confess to be manically busy? I actually like the sound of the aliens... I could write pages about that!

So to make up for it I'm sharing a stack of photos with you - I hope you don't nod off ;))

First up is my card for our new challenge at Totally Gorjuss This week our challenge is for something Yummy! So I've got these cute LOTV mice making cupcakes! We're sponsored this week by Craftwork Cards. I think their card stock is second to none. Its what I always reach for!

I've coloured them with Copics - it was super quick too, used some Basic Grey papers, WOC flowers, Doo Hickey swirls and some stash ribbon.

Something a touch arty.....

Now you've no doubt heard how clever parrots are? Yup these are mighty brainy birds! I mean Tinker even plays on the Ipod!

'Hold it still while I choose what I want to look at'

'Er lets try this one'

'Oh look if you aren't going to play properly I'll switch it off!'

Harry wasn't quite so impressed with the Ipod once she discovered she can't actually eat it. She sat and just contemplated what she was going to do next!

So while I've been blog missing, remember the aliens? I've not been absolutely idle. I've been doing quite a bit of sewing.

One of my projects is this cushion. I have to say I'm really chuffed with it. I love the pintucking! Even though it's quite boring to do ( a bit like quilting is!) Now I don't have a pintuck foot but you can do it with an ordinary foot. You just have to pick your spot and stick to it! The larger single pintucks were done with a 1/4" foot which was much easier. I even made the piping cord myself too! Again I didn't have a cording/piping foot, but you can do it with a zipper foot. Its just a bit fiddly. A cording/piping foot is next on my list!

Its a looong list!

Saturday 11 February 2012



Did I make you jump? Yup 'tis little old moi back from the lost lands of the darkest t'internet! Well I've just been busy, mojo-less, and a bit off colour. Other than that fine lol

What about this horrible weather? Snow and then all this freezing cold weather? My little thermometer is showing -4 already! Now I know in some parts of the world that's almost warm.... but blimey its cold!

Anyway there's warmth aplenty over at Totally Gorjuss in fact Lurve is in the air! The new
challenge this week is simply LURVE! Well what else do you need to keep you warm?

So here's my card for it. I've used one the new Whoopsi Daisy images from the the new CD. Yup you can now get Whoopsi Daisy on a CD! It also comes with a range of backing papers too. The CD is available from the lovely Joanna Sheen's shop here There are stacks of images on there - suitable for every occasion and every age. There's images from it here

So I've coloured her with Copics and used some Basic Grey 'Sugar Rush' papers. A spot of kraft card, lace, flowers and a metal corner finished her off.

Oh here's the arty shot of the flowers!

Now recently we've had a very poorly kitty cat. Jasper has got big problems with his liver, common in older cats. He's 15 and has always been the local top dog in the cat world. We never had trouble with any other cats coming in our garden ;)) Well he's currently on medication and its a 'see how we go' thing. Now he's never been particularly cuddly.... He's now got a new bed. Its quite comfy a nice memory foam queen sized bed with fluffy bed linen......

Unfortunately he has to share it.... with me and the OM!

Friday 20 January 2012

Its all go at Polkadoodles!

Well howdy there folks.

Its all go here! More a case of go here, go there, go everywhere! Maybe if I split myself in two I might manage a touch better....

Still while I'm fathoming that pop over to Polkadoodles where a fab new challenge has started. This week its a sketch - oops forgot to pop it on and you can use a stashbox stamp. As always a fab prize is up for grabs.

I've used one of my new Magnolias - isn't she sweet? I've used a mix of various Polkadoodle papers. I went straight for the spots - I lubs them!

So there she is.... now I have to admit my interpretation of the sketch is.... sketchy! lol

A little arty shot of my flower. Now I had a rummage round for a flower in a creamy colour and there were only some squished primas.... a touch of glue and voilà a carnation!

Saturday 7 January 2012

New one at TG!

Hey no one faint!

Its me again! I'm getting like a bus... you know you wait for ages and nothing and then all of sudden they all come along together! It would appear (keeps your fingers crossed here) that Mojo has made an appearance! Way hey! Actually I think Mojo was buried under the Christmas Mince Pie mountain. Fortunately that's now cleared so Mojo is feeling better. I hope he stays!

Now Mojo putting in an appearance is a god send just in time for the new challenge at Totally Gorjuss This week is a sketch (easy because I did it and I ONLY do easy). Once again we're sponsored by the super duper Joanna Sheen I think Joanna gets 11/10 for service and choice! Plus with free p and p someone will get £10 to spend on goodies - no hidden charges - plus the amount of new goodies in there.... well you'll be spoilt for choice!

So this is the sketch - easy remember ;))

And here's my take on it!

It felt odd again doing something non Christmas. Though I did make a couple of Christmas cards the other day. Knowing me though I'll have misplaced them by Christmas.

So for this one I've used one of my new magnolias which I 'accidentally' bought.... It happens you know! So I'd decided to use this Basic Grey Kyoti paper which has largely been untouched. I know how could I not use it? Well much as I love purpley colours I hardly ever ever use them! So I drew in a big breath, pulled up me big girl knickers, girded me loins.... OK I just reached for the purpley coloured Copics really...

And Ta-Daaaar! Now I have to say I was quite pleased with her. I even rather like the folds on her skirt. That was without and pencil shading too. So a couple of Doo-Hickey flourishes and some flowers. Now that's when I discovered I hardly have any purple coloured flowers! Yipes how on earth did that catastrophe happen? Trust me folks it will be remedied as soon as....that's as soon as the postman get them here ;))

I thought I'd check the current theme at Just Magnolia and hAnglar sTanglar and it was 'Anything goes' with an option of Happy New Year or something new. Well hello - new stamp!

While I was browsing I checked in at Papertake Weekly they too have an 'anything goes' theme with new options - perfect huh?

So here's the arty shot too!

Friday 6 January 2012

Shades of grey at Polkadoodles

Yo there tis moi - again!

I know so soon after last time!

There's a new challenge just launched over at Polkadoodles Its a super duper sketch and shades of grey.

So I printed off some papers from the fantastic Pretty Tuff CD Rom I only had one problem.... which papers to choose! Its jam packed with loads of papers and stuff. So I actually think it took me longer to choose which to use. I inked up the lovely Bevvieboo She was coloured up with Copics.

Well after all that grey I thought a bit.... and just added in a bit of pink.... oh and some glitter!

Oh and I've forgotten to tell you about the prize - its a set of flexmarkers in shades of grey! How fantastic is that!

Tuesday 3 January 2012

Oh no snow!

Don't panic don't panic Mr Mainwearing! Oh my life how does that TV quote age me! For those of you who don't know its from Dad's Army which is donkeys years old.... of course with me being 23 its a TV series I've only seen on repeat. At 23 I'm much too young to have even been born when the original series was on TV in black and white!

Anyway as always I digress. Don't worry the only snow is on my card! Thank goodness! Though it has turned much colder and wind - wow its awful.

So have a peek at my offering for the latest challenge over at the Creative Card Crew

So here's mine. Seeing as I'm not a fan of the white stuff mine obviously has minimal snow ;))

Sweet little Tilda carrying her love hearts inside to the Christmas Tree, which is what I do every year! She has been coloured with Copics and the papers are from MME.

This week we're sponsored by Simon says Stamp. And we're starting to choose a Top Three each challenge too!

As they say 'you got to be in it to win it'!