Saturday 9 February 2013

Love and news


Mr Blogger is playing games.... so this post may appear or on the other hand it may not.....

We'll have to wait and see, if you hear loud wailing you'll be able to guess which way things have gone!  Fingers crossed and I' begin.....

A new challenge has launched over at Totally Gorjuss  Its getting towards Valentines Day so it seems logical that the challenge should be LOVE, the sponsor this week is the fabulously stocked
 Crafters Companion  one lucky person will get £10 to spend online - fab huh?

So here's my little effort.  I 'sort of' tried something different for me.... notice there's no image!  Yikes!!! And and I did some smeary painty ink stuff on the background as that was that kraft resist Tim Holtz paper.  I decided I needed a bit of colour in it.  Oh and yes I had gloves on!

So this card actually came together really quickly, its was cutting, embossing and sticking, oh after the painty inky bit.  Now I know my photography skills are.... well.... pants generally but honestly everything is the same shade of red!

So onto the news part of my title!

Have a look at this little badge - yup that moi!

I'm a member of the paper-crafting section of their DT!

There's a mahoosive selection of ply and MDF shapes and other stuff on there! I'm drooling!  Oh and there's other bits and pieces too - and some corking offers that shouldn't be missed.

So two places to go and look at today!

Saturday 2 February 2013

Its lacey!

Well howdy there - me again!   I know so soon it may be getting to be a habit!  Which actually is the idea....

So happy April to you all!  Hang on what do you mean its February?  Judging by the weather we had the other day sun, cloud, high winds, rain, hail on rotational thing I just assumed it was April... oh and we had a couple of rainbows too.  Bizarre huh?  Oh and then someone told me we have snow in the pipeline again too.... Joy.....

So onto something far far nicer.  A new challenge over at Totally Gorjuss!  This week its (another) nice easy theme - Anything goes with lace.  See I said it was easy.  The can be real or faux (LOVE that word) as in my case....  The sponsor this week is J and C Creations  a lucky person is going to be £10 better off with a voucher for some online treats.  I wanted to enter but the Gorjussettes said no....

So here's my effort.  I had a middle of the night colouring session earlier in the week.  That probably explains her pink hair!  Mind you I'd love pink hair....  Its one of those fabulous Dilly Bean images, I nipped over the other day and had a little 'look'.... with my purse!  I've admired these for ages and that was as far as I got!  Doh me huh?  Then I saw that the fabulous Carley Duff had been playing with them.  So here you are my version!

So I then decided I didn't have any papers that went 'with'.... a quick, well not really but you know what I mean root through my meagre stash of paper ~ nonchalant whistle ~ and I found a sheet of old Basic Grey, I think Scarletts Letter?  and off I went.  A spot of Doo Hickeying and Spellbindering, some flowering, a la WOC and voila!  Oh then I decided on the blingy butterflies... except I'm not sure about the one I actually stuck on the butterfly on her hair....  But as I said its stuck so its staying.

So here's your arty shot -  a mix of 35mm rose, cosmos daisies, sweetheart flowers and small rosebuds with a Cheery Lynn leaf flourish.  I actually applied ink over the butterflies while they were still in the die.  I got flipping ink on me as well!

Bonus another arty shot!  I love how Megan - The Dilly Bean artist draws her eyes - can you imaging having eyes this colour?  I'm also linking this to the current challenge over at Dilly Beans where the theme is 'love gives me wings' well I love butterflies and they have wings ;-))

Now a little pic of Polly!  After much debating Polly decided to have a bath under the tap!  It took her about 20 minutes!  her routine is under the tap, flap, jump in the window, flap, under the tap, flap, on the tap, flap..... which basically means that everyone and everything gets soaked!  Oh and lots of tail shaking which is why she's got a blurry tail!

Afterwards you get your slave to bring you a nice clean towel to rub yourself dry on.  That's because the naughty slave won't let you do it in her hair....

So I hope you're all still awake.... pop over to Totally Gorjuss and come and play.