Friday 30 October 2009

Totally Gorjuss!

Hi there Bloggettes!

Woohooo! The wooohooo is only because I'm nearer having the stitches out of my hand. Mind you its some rather interesting colours, aubergine, olive, indigo, crimson, yellow ochre.... see I'm a true crafter!

Anyway enough of me going on about my rainbow coloured limbs. Over at Totally Gorjuss we have just launched a new challenge. This week is to have two Gorjuss Girls on it. I chose these two I think the one behind is getting ready to steal that teddy! Papers, brad, spacer are from The Hobby House They were coloured with distress inks and then a swish of H2O's for hint of a shimmer. I forgot to spritz the flower.... doh!

Now for the real treat! Yesterday I had a smoothie for breakfast. Now anyone with a parrot will now they like to share whatever you're having! So I poured them a little of their own. However for little Missy Tinker that wasn't good enough! She wanted a straw with hers! So the cheeky little monkey helped herself to mine! So this is how a caique handles a straw!

Isn't she the most sweet baby?

Tuesday 27 October 2009

Me and my hand!

Hi Bloggettes - isn't it dark early! I really really do not like it, not one little bit! I'd sooner have it light in the evening than early, I mean I'm still in bed then! lol

So what's new over here at Caique Momma's? Well I've had my hand operation it wasn't too bad really.... considering I was awake! Yipes I thought - I'm going to be cut open!!! But it didn't hurt and it was really quite quick. Its just that at the moment I can't drive.... I'm a prisoner.... well not really but I can't 'just' go somewhere!

I did go to the Stamp Magic show on Sunday though. Thanks for the lift Linnie! I was in need of therapy! Serious retail therapy - which I got! I also met up with Debbie She is seriously a bad influence on my purse! Or is it just that I'm incredibly weak when faced with dies, ribbons, stamps and paper...... Hmmmm? I wonder! I also met up with the lovely Bev She is another bad influence on me! In my defence I did introduce her to Thick storage files! I had a lovely time girls even if it did take my taxi (OM) about 35 minutes to find me!

I'm sure you're wondering (that's if you aren't asleep) if I'm going to show you anything today!

So here as a treat/scare whichever you prefer ;)) is a picture of the OM and myself! Yipes! This was in the restaurant at the chateau. You'll notice I'm not cut in half or anything..... OM didn't take this one obviously ;))

As I said I 'might' have acquired 'one or two essential items' on Sunday! One of them was this lovely stamp by Clarity Stamps I've often had my nose over these stamps but I always wondered about what I thought were 'the funny handles'. Well I saw this one and had to have it. I have to say the handles aren't funny in the slightest! They're fab! Anyway I made this little Christmas offering with it. The Poinsettia came from The Hobby House as did the spacer and brad. Oh and the glimmer mist I sprayed it with. I then stamped it again and cut out the shoe and silicone it for a little dimension.

Oh coloured with Distress Inks - I can't hold the bloody Copics at the minute!

This is another version of this years parrot Christmas cards. The stamps is a Whiff of Joy one. These papers are from a Forever Friends Christmas pad. I think it might need something else... Not quite sure what at the moment though.

Now a proper treat for all the Harry and Tinker fans! A little clip just for you!

Wednesday 21 October 2009

Photo heavy!

Hi there Bloggettes!

Now more photos have been requested of our recent sojourn to La Belle France.

Pull up a pew.... I've had a mega session!

This is the old dove cote at the chateau. I find it quite amazing that they built it perfectly round. You can't see it but on the top is a carved dove.

Just a view across the valley towards the village of Rosay.

This is one of the fireplaces in the dining room - I did mean to take loads more pictures of the inside... however I didn't!

This is the little town of Saint Saens. Now it isn't a big place at all. However it did have three butchers, three bakers, a fish shop and two green grocers set around this pretty little square! Not like our towns at all!

Just one of the pretty little streets.

On our way back up to the tunnel we called in at Wimeraux. Now this is a lovely seaside town! Obviously as its the 'end of the season' and then some! Most things were closed. However we did find a super little cafe for lunch - I had a yummy goats cheese salad. I always smile at all the dogs who go in the cafes. When I had mine they'd have been on the tables!

These are the properties right on the promenade. I think they're really pretty - much nicer looking than what we generally have in this country. Not an amusement arcade in sight.

Rue General Marchand - this leads down to the promenade.

As you can see the sea was a little rough! Definitely no paddling! I think I'd have been washed right over to Dover!

Just looking up the promenade, the cafe we went in is just on the right.

All along the coastline are sign of the German occupation. I don't know why it has a blanket on this bunker though!

Right onto craft! (at last).

A friend of mine ordered a card with macaws on it! So this is what I came up with. Tilda stamp and coloured to show the different sorts. Laundry Line papers, and Nestie shapes.

As you look a scarlet, blue and gold and a greenwing macaw!

Oh and just for Kathy... look what OM got me!

Its even got its own bracelet! I think I might have to name this bag.... any ideas?

Oh and to finish (I hope you're still awake!) I was telling about my OM thinking he'd taken my photo but hadn't - well I did find one he'd taken......

As you can see he chopped my head off!

Hey perhaps its a subliminal message!

Tuesday 20 October 2009

Totally Gorjuss!

Hi there Bloggettes - I hope you're all toasty and warm. I am now earlier on I was decidedly wet and cold! Tell me whose idea it was to play golf? In my defence it was a competition which we'd entered ages ago.... that's my excuse and I'm sticking to it! It was manky though, I felt fully justified in feeling very mardy!

I've just realised (natural blonde remember) that I have'nt posted my card for the Pink Totally Gorjuss challenge - doh! So in all her glory here she is. I was (well am) pretty pleased with her. She was coloured with distress inks and I broke into my last few sheets of Basic Grey Phoebe papers, a few Primas (vital on any card!), a Whiff of Joy sentiment and a charm from the Hobby House. And then she was done! Pop over to the Totally Gorjuss blog and have a look at the fabby cards from the DT girls.

So last week I took Mr Caique-Momma or the OM to France. It was his birthday present, yes I know its early but his birthday is a week before Christmas! A silly time to have a birthday I reckon. I mean its such a busy time of year to have a birthday! So I took him here to Le Chateau du Vaudichon which is in Saint Saens.

I think you must agree the chateau is FABULOUS!

Naturally there just happened to be a golf course! Which was super, really really pretty.

This is my attempt at trying to be arty! This is the side of the chateau as the road sweeps up past it.

This is just a view across towards Rosay.

So just a few photos to show you.

I've another 200 or so if you're interested?

Wednesday 14 October 2009

Workshop cards

Hi Bloggettes - I hope no one faints 'cos I'm here again! I know so soon.... take a deep breath it'll soon be over.... lol

Well I thought I'd show you what I've been up to today. I've been to a workshop at Which Craft
with the lovely Paula. I have to say it was fantastic! As well as being supplied with gallons of coffee we also got warm lemon muffins! Oh my they were delicious - I dropped not a crumb ;))

So enough of the muffins (I could have eaten two they were so nice) I thought I'd show you what we did. The base of the workshop were Magnolia's so how could that be bad?

The first pic is a tin - decorated with Cosmo Cricket papers and the most lush net fabric. It was really quick to do which is always handy. It would be ideal for slipping a small gift in.

Then there's this sweet little girl! These are not 'proper' Christmas papers but I think they work well, of course it could easily be adapted for any occasion.

Now excuse the really awful photo! But how do you photograph a concertina card for goodness sake! I mean I'm photographically challenged on the ordinary ones! All I'll say is that I tried my best!

Another bit of the same card.

Finally Edwin and his lantern and a fancy fold card - I'm sure its got a name but I don't know it! I think its really effective and it fits nicely into a DL envelope.

So there you are the fruits of my labours! Well not labour really it was really good fun!

Tuesday 13 October 2009

Early Christmas!

Hello Bloggettes seems we're having a bit of an Indian Summer thing going on at the moment. Which I do have to say is rather fabulous! I'd rather a full blown hot English summer but hey its better than the pantsy cold stuff!

So seeing as its been so lovely I thought I'd make a start on some more Christmas cards!

Honestly there is some logic in there somewhere, well to me there is.....

I had a little package drop through my letter box the other day. In in was Henry Mouse! Isn't he just the sweetest little guy? I had to have him! So anyway he got painted with distress inks and a swish of red stickles. I think he's lovely! A touch of Basic Grey papers and a CHF sentiment and he was done!

Henry didn't arrive on his own! Well he's too little to travel alone. He came with these two little chickies! These were another NEED/WANT stamp! (I know you understand reader) I thought I could do them in parrot colours! These two are a couple of African Greys! Love those little red tails. I think they're rather sweet myself ;))

Same papers etc as before just with a dangly charm added.

So that's a start, only about another 100 to go! ~gulps~

Saturday 10 October 2009

Missing blogger and news!

Ho there Bloggettes!

Is it really so long since I blogged? Hmm checking the dates it would appear it is! My excuses? Hmmm been really really busy - as usual. As well as the baking I've had a few card orders and other bits an pieces.

One of the cards I was asked to do was to include an African Grey Parrot! Well after a delve through my stash - which hardly took any time at all as I hardly have anything.... ~pause while nose shrinks back to normal size~ I got out my Magnolia parrot stamp, a bit of copic-ing some My Mind Eye Laundry Line paper and a couple of Primas, a charm and some ribbon... there you go.

I was quite pleased with it in the end and the customer too - fingers crossed the recipient likes it too!

Now the other morning I popped into the lounge and left the babies in the kitchen. This is what I saw when I came back into the kitchen....

This was one little piece of bread! Tinker killed it! She was having such fun I left her and just reached for the dustpan and brush!

Now for the exciting news!

One of the things I've been up to is creating a new challenge blog!

Yup you read correctly you can find it here Its the all new Totally Gorjuss Blog! Its the place to show off your gorgeous Gorjuss things! The first challenge will be going live soon!

Come over and have a look oh and join in!