Saturday 30 April 2011

Easy as 1 2 3!

Yay there Bloggettes - how are you on this sunny and breezy weekend? I can't believe its another long weekend! Mind you the Big L is not impressed, he's working again. I tell him to think of the money ;)) I'm not sure it works though!

Now a new challenge is on at Totally Gorjuss As always its easy (If I'm picking trust me they're always going to be easy). In fact its as easy as 1 2 3! What that means is you need 1 of one thing, 2 of another and 3 of another!

My 1 2 3 is 1 flower rosette, 2 nestie shapes and 3 ribbons. The images are all Molly Blooms - aren't they cute? This is a recipe box - though if you changed the image it coould be used for anything really. I think it could be adapted to hold photographs and display them too.

Now do you remember me giving you the news I'm now a step great grand mother which I know is totally unbelievable seeing as I'm only 23..... Well here is a picture of the little man himself. He is a lovely looking boy, not wrinkly at all!

Here's Isaac John, oh and the one who is wrinkly is the OM himself ;)) Little Isaac was very comfy and slept soundly, apparently he's not got the hang of this at night yet! Oops.

Friday 29 April 2011

hey baby

Hey baby! Happy royal wedding day!

Well a quick one from me, don't want to bore you..... well twice in one week. This is a quick card I made for the new addition to our family. The OM's grand daughter gave birth to her first baby and his first great grand child! which makes me a step great granny! Which as a 23 year old surely cannot be right! So little Isaac John has arrived and he's lovely.

So this is the card I made for him.

And now a little video of Harry going though her paces! She's having a workout on the camera case. I think it looks like she's on the Olympic rings!

Sunday 24 April 2011

Sneaked a quick one in!

Happy Easter to you Bloggettes!

Did the Easter bunny come to see you? Well he came here but not to see me.... ~sniff~ He did come to see my OM though....

Not a bad haul of chocolate delights for one person eh? He now feels suitably guilty! Muahahahaha! Now I did go and show him a couple of rather nice sewing machines yesterday;))

Now this basket is what I made at sewing class. Its got quilting, appliqué, embroidery and 'stuff' on it. It holds a decent amount of chocolate too ;)) I think without the Easter stuff it could be useful for various things, so watch this space ;))

Now seeing as I was fired up and we have a new baby due (NOT MINE!!!) I made a baby basket. Now I know I'm calling these things baskets but I don't know what else you'd call them. I thought this would be good for keeping nappies etc in on the baby's changing station.

I put a pack of nappies in (when did they start doing hundreds of sizes and stuff??) A couple of baby toiletries filled the bag out. When did they start doing so many of those too? There were stacks to pick! In the end I went for good old Johnson's. Plus it had the nicest scent some of them were really strong smells. To me baby stuff should be a delicate scent.

Saturday 23 April 2011

And another week rolls on by...

Yipes that's it another week has rolled on by! How blinking quick did that happen then? I mean one minute I was sat here last week saying about time flying.... and well here I am repeating myself. I reckon it must be getting pretty boring for you. In my defence (I have an excuse for every occasion according to the OM) We had our market a day early because of it being Easter... therefore my body clock is all to pot. So in my head its a day later.... Which actually means if that were the case I'm even later than usual with my blogging ~gulp~

So on that bombshell lets get onto some photos and news! A new challenge has just happened over at Totally Gorjuss This week its easy (as usual) Its 'bling it on'. Quite simply get some bling on there! We're sponsored this week by Whoopsie Daisy. All the Gorjusettes have worked with these images and they've made some stunning samples.

Here's mine

I think she looks so wistful! Coloured with Copics as usual, papers are 'Eva' by Basic Grey and were a pressie from a lovely blogging buddy - mwah! Ribbon from stash, flowers from WOC and a crinoline flower and a doily strip from the lovely Linda

Here's the arty shot Isn't this ribbon lovely and shimmery? I've only got a bit left, pity I can't remember where I got it from.

Now regular readers will have heard about my sewing adventures. I decided to have a go at making some shopping bags. I bought some heavier weight fabric for them.....

Tadarrrr! The bag. It is straight in real life! I just hung it wonky for the photo (for some reason).

Oh and the other news.... well that's pushing it a bit really. Now I've been undecided what to do with my hair for ages now. Everytime I've gone to the hairdressers I've just had another trim.... and another and another.... Well yesterday I bit the bullet. 8 inches chopped off the length! Oh my I feel bald.

Here I am.... don't be scared!

Now it probably won't look like that when I've dried it!

Saturday 16 April 2011

Blimey yet another week!

Blimey another week stolen away! Am I the only person to suffer at the hands of the time thief? I mean its not fair is it? Its happening to me again and again! I wonder if it'll happen again this week...... Funnily enough I don't think you'll get good odds on it not happening to be honest... But hey never say never!

I took Big L out on shopping training today. You know for when he's married.... it was practice of waiting outside shops! Result on my part as I got two new tops and some jeans. I could hear him sighing inside the shop!

So seeing as another week has gone by it must mean its time for a new challenge over at Totally Gorjuss and its to not use any patterned paper. Now when I set this challenge I thought 'How easy will this be!'....... Well you all know the saying 'wise after the event'? Well I sat down to make the card I reached my papers... so I slapped my hand away and went for the plain card.... after a few minutes I was about to cut a beautiful piece of Basic Grey.... I slapped my self again... Well after about 20 slaps I eventually cottoned on to the fact that I wasn't to use any patterned paper. I've always been a fast learner..... Well eventually I'd got things stuck down that didn't involve any patterned papers! I've not inked this Kraftin Kimmie beauty up for ages. I think she looks a bit of a sauce pot ;))

Oh that's not a snail trail around the image.... that's just how wet Stickles photographs I'm afraid.

Here you go the arty shot! I used some of the stems and just curled them and glued them on for a change.

Another arty shot! Check out those pins.... the pearl headed ones not her legs ;))

Now as a treat a little video of Harry. Now Harry has a bit of a thing about hair, well my hair really. She'll often sit of my shoulder and rub herself with a foot full of hair.

So here's she's doing what caiques love to do - its called surfing! Check out when she's giving her face a rub. - Cute huh?

Hopefully the time thief won't appear again this week!

Saturday 9 April 2011

Another week gone!

Cripes that's another week that's whizzed by! In fact I think it went even quicker than last week did! How on earth does it happens so fast? Any tips on time management let me know ;)) I can't even blame it on laying in bed - every morning has been an early one thanks again to neighbours immensely annoying yapping dog! So any loan of suitably annoying yappy dogs will be accepted!

Anyway seeing as another week has past it must be time for another challenge over at Totally Gorjuss This week is another easy one (but hey aren't they always?) its for something fluffy! So like I said easy! Anything fluffy so that's bears, teddies or whatever is fluffy!

This is my effort. This cute little bunny is by Lili of the Valley He's been coloured with Copics and was a doddle to colour. You get several little sentiment stamps to put your own sentiment on his letter. I thought the postcard stamp (also by LOTV) worked perfectly with him.

Papers are Basic Grey 'Eva' and flowers by WOC. This week TG is sponsored by Crafters Companion the lucky winner gets £10 to spend in their online store.

Now last week (seems about a year ago actually) I went to a sewing class at my local wool and fabric shop. This one was to make a bag.... in patchwork! Eeps that meant I'd have to cut straight... oh and sew straight too.

Ta darrrrrr!!!

One bag with 'flying geese' or if you're like me 'triangles'! I showed it to my friend (who does patchwork beautifully).... she did her usual bit and looked at the seams inside and out, held up at arms length to see if the quilting was straight and checked the points on the 'geese'. I have to say she liked it and that it passed muster!

Sunday 3 April 2011

Who stole last week?

Crikey who on earth stole the whole week??? I mean one minute its Sunday and then in a flash its Sunday again, but a week later! Mind you its been pretty busy... hence me feeling totally tatered! To you none Yorkshire peeps, well if anyone's reading, that means really tired ;)) I did have plans for a small lie in this morning, well it is Mothers Day ;)).... that failed though thanks to our 'lovely' neighbours who put the yappiest dog in the world out in the garden at 7.30am! Thank you so much for that! Does anyone have a yappy dog they could loan me I can return the favour?

So onto the newest challenge over at Totally Gorjuss This weeks its a nice easy sketch, always handy sometime to kick that mojo started! We're sponsored this week by Joanna Sheen The lucky winner get £10 to spend in her online store! And with free p and p its even better.

So this is what I made - isn't this little Lili of the Valley fairy just the sweetest? The paper is my last piece of a sheet of (I think) Bo Bunny that I've had for ages.... and now I've none left! A LOTV sentiment and WOC flowers and ribbon from my stash. Oh a spot of stickles too.

Just for the fan.... whoever you are.... the arty shot.

Oh and just for a change the glue was dry when I took the photo!

Now you may have seen in my last post the girls helping them selves to the treat box of nuts. Harry decided she needed a snack so she helped herself.

Honestly she can get that lid off quicker than I can!