Wednesday 29 December 2010

A couple of cards

Happy Christmas folks, well belated at any rate.... Or is it early for next year perhaps?

I do hope you've all had a lovely Christmas - mine was different as I had an unexpected 'gift'..... pneumonia! How fantastic was that then? You're right it was not in the slightest bit fantastic at all! In fact it was sodding vile, I've never coughed so much in my life. I did prove though that I possess some muscles as I pulled some in my side coughing. That made coughing rather difficult - but I'm over the worst now.

So a few photos for you today - here's my gorgeous girl Harry. I love the expression on her face! Any ideas what she's thinking? Well seeing as she was eating I had a camera in her face I'm sure you can guess!

Now a few shots of the card I made for my OM. Yes I know its got a Tilda on but she's hugging! I even cut into a sheet of Magnolia paper! I almost had palpitations, fortunately the other piece had already been cut so that wasn't so traumatic. A bit of lace and a few flowers a la WOC and it was done. Copics for colouring natch ;))

The delightful arty shot!

A close up of the flowers, these were spritzed with some Glimmer mist..... I think you can almost make the glimmer out.....especially if you squint!

Now over at the lovely Julias its WOYWW. Now the 'work', if you could call it that, can't be shared as yet. So I put these babies on there! Now I can put my hand up and say 'I love shoes' especially little babies like these, I mean who wouldn't? And yes I can walk in them. Of course I was chuffed to bits when LK Bennett opened a shop in Meadowhall!

Oh I wubs them I does....

Now seeing as I've not shown you any actual work.... I got talked into showing you the area 'loosely termed' as punch storage.... Otherwise known as the 'space on the cupboard where I pile up some punches'. Notice the use of the word 'some' ;)) That's all I'm saying!

Pop over to Julias and check out the real desks, who know you might see some actual work!

Thursday 23 December 2010

~cough cough~

~cough cough cough~ I'm a poorly bunny here at CM towers folks! I've got lurgy pretty bad! Well before I get onto lurgy details let me tell you about the secret I did for my OM. Well last week he had his birthday.... I planned him a secret party! Well it stayed a secret and it was fab! The keeping it secret was so hard! Especially when folks ignore invites not to phone me... or bother to answer RSVPs! But despite all that it was marvellous!

Oh now to bore you with my lurgy, as my Doc puts it I have a touch of pneumonia! Yipes how can you have a touch of bloody pneumonia? Anyway I'm armed with enough antibiotics to stop an elephant, inhalers and all sorts of malarkey I almost needed a mortgage in the chemist to pay for it. When I croaked 'what?????' the assistant very kindly repeated the amount loudly as she thought I hadn't heard her. I had I was just in a state of bloody shock! When she handed me my sack of drugs several people stepped back as if I was going to give them what I obviously had bad as proved by the sack of expensive medication I had. I'm now waiting for them to kick in....

So enough of my moaning....

While I was blog shopping the other day I came across a blog with a really cute gift holder made from a paper bag. Now me being me I can't remember who's blog it was! Sorry! (natural blonde remember)

So anyway I got a sudden flash of mojo-itis! and I HAD to make one! I knew I had some bags..... well when I eventually found it (turns out I only had one left!) So anyways I dug through my Magnolia papers and stamps and off I went....

So this is the front

After its folded in half this is the middle section

On the right is a pocket where you put your gift - ideally something flattish!

This is the card that slides into the pocket, I attached the gift to the back with DST

I even decorated the back of the bag too!

Now it looks quite a bit but I only had to cut two pieces of 12 x 12 paper, and there's scraps left over too. Naturally I did the colouring with my trusty Copics. Obviously I added a spot of lace, ribbon, die cuts just because I could ;)) I actually rather liked it.... I hope the recipient does and if Royal Mail have done their stuff it should be there!

Over a 7kids college fund challenge blog its 'anything goes' so I think this nicely fits into that one. makes a change for to be able to enter a challenge just for the sake of it ;))

Now a couple of gratuitous chickie pics!

Here's that naughty little monkey Missy Tinker.

Who'd have thought that sweet little baby would chomp a lump out of Mummy's arm first chance she got?

Now I filled their water dish up.... the jusg obviously evoked a lot of attention and needed to be thoroughly investigated!

So ~cough cough~ stay warm folks!

Saturday 11 December 2010

We want snow!

Howdy Bloggettes!

Now let me just explain the title of this post. Yes we do want snow but ONLY over at Totally Gorjuss where I've just done a new challenge. A touch seasonal and topical I suppose ;)) We want snow on your cards. Easy huh? Now you know I set them so they're bound to be easy! I mean if I do complicated ones I couldn't do a card.... So I opted for snowy paper and a couple of snowflake buttons which I acquired in the USA. Now the choice of image.... its a Stampotique stamp. Now I know most of you will associate them with the Daniel Torrente stamps (which are fabulous) but they also do loads of other ones too! This one is part of a range by a talented young lady called Kylie Diorio. So I coloured this little cockatoo and made him into a galah. yes they are pink! A friend of mine has some parrot Christmas cards off me so these are perfect! The papers are by Papermania and this little chap has been Copic'd. I think its Santa's cookie in his beak! Well I know my naughty pair would pinch Santa's cookie if they could! They'd take the risk of him not leaving them any presents just to eat the cookie ;))

So as I've been neglecting you on the parrot photo front I thought I'd treat you to a few! Humour me please, these are my babies!

Now this is Little Tinker, she's having a really close look at Dan's pocket for some reason! I think she was planning to bite the button off if she got the chance! And yes she would!

Harry giving the camera case a very close examination! She's doing a bit better now, not 100% and still having the odd poorly spell but is quite bright and eating very well, but then again caiques are little piggies ;)) As the OM said this nicely shows off her big feet.

Now my little Princess Tinker. (Now this little beast, oh yes don't let this cute little wave fool you!) For the past while all she's wanted to do is eat me! So me getting this close without bleeding is quite an achievement I can tell you. Dan is rather good at catching her mid flight ;)) The OM fair to say is rubbish at intercepting her! He just says she's a sweet baby! Trust me looks can be deceptive ;))

Tinker again. Now these are what we call 'baby wings' in other words a spot of begging! But look at her legs, that's a touch of what we call 'fluffy pants'! Caiques wear 'fluffy pants' when they're in the mood for trouble! And bless you can see her wonky toe!

So there you are my babies!

Oh don't forget Totally Gorjuss either, its sponsored by Meyer Imports this week - their glitter is LUSH!

Saturday 4 December 2010

Ice ice baby!

Hi there Bloggettes - crikey its cold! Now we've been having the odd drip drip as a teeny tiny bit of all that snow is melting. But accompanied with the cold we've got one or two icicles. Look at these ones outside my craft room window! Yipes! They're over 2 feet long. I was going to show you a photo of the ones on the conservatory..... they're only a foot long so I didn't bother ;)) I meant they're titchy little things.

Oh most of that white stuff on the photo should be black as its the road! Its about 6" of packed solid ice. Needless to say our cars are still on the drive for now.

Now a new challenge has happened over at Totally Gorjuss. This week its a nice easy sketch, its easy because I drew it and I only do easy ;)) Oh and this week we're lucky enough to have a super duper Guest Designer, none other that the super talented Rach Jakes! She's made a fantastic card, I couldn't believe my little sketch could look that good! Just to add a cherry to the cake this week we're sponsored by Joanna Sheen. The winner gets a £10 voucher to spend in her shop. Good huh?

So this is the easy sketch....
So here's what I made. yes the glue was still wet when I took the photo! No change there then eh? I discovered if I'm quick I can do it before the embellishments fall off....

Anyway I used one of these sweet little Hanglars, coloured her with Copics, used some Basic Grey Wassail (my LAST sheet as well sob!) Flowers from Wild Orchid and a sentiment from Lili of the Valley.
And there she was done!

Pop over and have a look, the other Gorjussettes have made some beautiful cards. Oh and there's a prize remember, you got to be in it to win it!

Wednesday 1 December 2010

Oh no more snow!

Oh my! How much snow are we going to get?! I reckon now we've got almost 2 feet of the dam stuff! I almost fainted when I saw how much more had fallen overnight! Now yes it does look pretty but.... it makes everything so blooming difficult! Even our milkman couldn't make it today. Fortunately we had some in so cuppas were in order ;))

So a few more photos of my snow!

These two are at the bottom of the garden - its almost 3 foot deep there!

The mounds on the right are tree branches weighed down by snow.

More of the weighed down branches, I've knocked the snow off and hopefully the tree, which is around 7 feet tall, will recover without it having to be tied up. Its a favourite for the blackbirds to nest in.

Look at the snowy feeders!

More weighed down branches!

Now while I was out there I knocked as much snow off the trees as I could. Last year we had to cut some branches off which got broken by the weight of it. It must be heavier this year as there's tons more! I also cleared the feeders too. Now Mr Blackbird came and watched me, he didn't even wait for me to go before he came for a feed.

So for this snow I did have to get my wellies out which are longer than The New Boots. I did go out for more milk later on though and my feet were lovely and toasty warm and dry! So here are The Boots! Note those zips folks ;))

Oh while I was out poking snow off you might wonder where the OM was......

Yup here he is 'supervising' from the warmth of the house! he didn't even have the kettle on for when I'd finished either!