Saturday 30 January 2010

This weeks Gorjuss and lemonade!

Hi Bloggettes! Brrrrr! My word its been chilly today, at least though none of that nasty white or wet stuff. Its been beautiful really, clear blue skies and lots of sun. So cold though best viewed through a window ;))

So first I've got an award! The lovely Sarah W, my Totally Gorjuss teamie gave it to me! My own personal lemonade cart! Actually I might have a teeny tiny spot of vodka in mine.... ;))

Now the lemonade stand is a thing of lurve and friendship. So I have to pass it on to 10 other bloggers.

So mine are











All they need to do is again pass the cart on!

Now over at Totally Gorjuss this week our challenge is paper piecing. We had a super turnout last week 80, yes 80 came and played! So come and play.... anyway what did I do for it? Well I used one of my Magnolias. I went for purpley shades for a change. I had some coal that I needed to use.... So here she is - pretty huh?

Now some of you may have seen my pie photos - yummy! Oh and I sold them all too! So I thought I'd show you a few other new things I made this week.

This is a Peanut Butter and Jelly Bar, OK I know the jelly sounds weird. Its actually jam but the recipe is American and they call it jelly!

Pecan Shortbread..... mmmmmmm these are gorgeous!

Last but not least..... lemon muffins! These are so yummy. I'm a big lemon fan though. Oh and they have a little pocket of lemon curd in the middle too.....


Friday 29 January 2010

CC Candy!

Oh my!

Cop a load of this candy! My mouth is watering......


Lush huh?

Pop over to Kellies blog she has some super things to see.

Thursday 28 January 2010

What's in a name?

New pie - what shall I call it?

A card, coal and WOMDTIKINW

A quickie while my muffins cook! That sounds really dodgy.... honest I've got lemon muffins in the oven!

Now severeal peeps have well are intrigued by a, ~coughs~ 'coal delivery' I had! Now I was in the room known as the tip when I thought I'd photo them for you.... now I'm not going to make it easy! Its in here..... or is it? This is my 'shall I keep it or bin it' pile.

Now this is my pic for WOMDTIKINW. See pretty much the same mess as last time! Oh is the coal here? Oh WOMDTIKINW actually stands for 'whats on my desk Thursday, I know its not Wednesday' Catchy isn't it? There's more to see over at Julias Go and have a nosey, er I mean look!

Finally after showing my sty to the world - which proves I'm obviously mad....

Here is my card for this weeks Softpencil. This week we have Michu and Michula snuggling up! Aw sweet huh? He's got his little paw round her..... sweet! Copic's of course, Prima flower and charm and pins from stash! Gee I'm down to my last couple of hundred now! Hmmm I think that means I can go shopping!

Ooops pinger pinging! Muffins done.

Go check out the others messes, er I mean desks!

whooo hoooo!

Ohhh a bit of good news here at Caique Momma Towers!

I've been asked to be a guest Designer on 2 cute stamps! ~faints~

How cool huh?

http://www.2cuterubberstamps.blogspot.com/ this is the blog. The stamps are WAAAAY cute!

I know as I have some and they're lush!!!

Thursday 21 January 2010

Thunny on Thursday!

Well hi there Bloggettes! Anyone any idea what this strange yellow thing is in the sky? Its kind of bright too... I'm not sure but I think it might be, wait for it... the sun! I just hope its here to stay for a bit!

So two 'treats' ;)) for you today. I saw the other day that Katharina is holding a GDT spot over at Whiff of Joy So I thought 'heck you got to be in it to win it' so to speak. So I dug out my Whiff of joy stamps and inked up this little sweetie. She was then copic'd and I actually managed to follow Katharina's sketch....nearly! I added a couple more flowers because I thought it just kind of needed them.... The flowers have been spritzed with pearl glimmer mist which of course doesn't show on my super duper photo...

I think overall I was kind of pleased with how it came out. I broke into my giant K and Co pad again for the papers. I've only got 354 sheets left now! Hope I don't run out soon...

Right the next treat is this weeks card for Soft Pencil This image is Michu, Rattiny and Amy. Sweet aren't they? We had a theme this week of Friendship. So one of my new Rachelle Anne Miller stamps from Tracy at Dies to Die For was perfect. I knew there was a reason I had to buy them! Oh and Tracy's stuff gets to you super duper quick too, and always with a little pressie as well! Another reason to shop there.

Anyway I digress ( a surprise to you all I know). The little gang have also been copic'd, nestabilitied and paper from Basic Grey. Now I'm not sure which pad.... the front fell off.... So I added a touch of raffia lace and then thought that looked a bit plain. So I threaded a little thin ribbon through it and added the obligatory flowers.

Then of course I took the wonky photo! I've just realised mine all look like I'm either stood on a hill or I have one leg longer than the other! I was neither stood on a hill and I'm sure my legs are pretty much the same length... guess I must just stand wonky then!

Something else to add to my list...

~note to self - improve your photography! ~

Till next time folks.

Saturday 16 January 2010

Over at Gorjuss

Hi there Bloggettes!

Is your snow going? OURS IS!!! I'm just a teeny bit pleased! Just 5 or 6 inches of ice on our road to go now and we're laughing. Come summer I'll be laughing even more! I hope we get one this year!

Well over at Totally Gorjuss we have a new challenge. This week its monotone, always scary! Well to me anyway, guess I'm just a chicken... So I picked out this lovely little Magnolia stamp, now I know this is from the Christmas collection but I think she can be used all year round. Now my first thought was pink. Nut for some reason I changed my mind and coloured her in peachy shades..... then I couldn't find any peachy coloured paper! A good rummage found this peachy-ish paper.

A further delve round found these peachy coloured prima flowers. No peachy coloured ribbon whatsoever though. This was white coloured with Copics!

So there you go pop over and play, we're sponsored by The Hobby House this week. Gorjuss brads to win.

Thursday 14 January 2010

I know its not Wednesday...

Howdy Bloggettes! Yes I know its not Wednesday but more of that later. Do you still have snow? We do but it is getting slushier which I hoping means its on its way out! However my car hates slush too....

Enough of the weather!

This cute little pair is my latest piece for Soft Pencil They've been coloured with Copics (just for a change lol) I then punched some flowers and middles, added a touch of bling and a sentiment and done! Pop over the Soft Pencil site and see the other things the team have done. They're lovely.

Now recently I've, ahem, er acquired 'one or two' Copics.... not many.... anyway I had a sweet little pot that I kept them in. Them I had a pail because it was bigger.....then I used both.... and then they wouldn't fit in those and the box I had.

If I wanted to use them in from of the TV it was a double trip to cart all these different containers. So I saw on t'internet that this bag was being used. So a search found me one... the company never replied to my emails!!! The only other place I found them was in the USA.... they wouldn't ship to the UK. However they would ship to a good friend, Michele! Hooray! Anyway it arrived this morning so I put the pens in and its PERFECT!

However as you can see there is one problem.... its not full! That means I have to get more pens right? I mean it looks silly half empty doesn't it?

So this is one side....

and this is the other!

So I thought seeing as I'd out it on my desk to take the photo I'd brave a shot of my desk for you. I know its usually WOYWW - mines just WOMWT - What's on my workdesk Thursday! See all you peeps who say how messy your desk is - THIS is proper messy. Actually for me its quite tidy, I mean there's more than a 6" square work area.

Oh I forgot I moved stuff to put the bag on!

Tip huh?

Sunday 10 January 2010

Still got snow :((

Hi Bloggettes! Its official I'm sick of this darned snow! Its even had the cheek to snow some more today! I mean why doesn't it just clear off? Preferably change to some nice warm sun if I had my way!

Anyway over at Totally Gorjuss this week I gave the girls a sketch for the challenge. Being a generous sort they're allowed a little tweak or to rotate it if they wished. Well I had to say that because I did and I drew it - lol So pop over and have a look.

So this is the sketch.

This is my card. Sweet little Tilda and her spoon. She's just made the mahoosive muffin! Obviously because its such a big muffin she had to use a BIG spoon.

Now after I coloured her in these nice blue and natural colours I had something of a panic attack! Had I got any papers in those colours??? After rifling through my drawers - oo'er! I found a huge K & Co stack I bought from QVC. Result! I think these are perfect. The stack has several collections in it, trouble is it doesn't tell you which collections they're from. Oh and they're rubbish to take out of the pad without tearing them. Other than that they're perfect.

Now not wanting to be boring, as if! I've got some more snow scenes for you. Now this is a miracle, trust me, but I managed to drag the OM out into the snow! See nagging DOES work!

All quite explanatory really - snow pics!

Stay safe and warm!

Wednesday 6 January 2010

Even more snow!

Hi Bloggettes! Hope you're all warm and toasty.

Well even more snow! So I decided to have another walk in the snow - lol Its quite pretty while its nice and clean. I suppose before too long it'll be brown and dirty looking. Then I really don't like it.

So a few views for you - this is the main road up the hill to where I live, there's a couple of snow encrusted roads after this though.

I then went a walk through the woods.

This is taken from the edge of the hill (I live on top of this) and is looking over towards Sheffield - looks quite pretty!

Just my attempt at an 'arty shot'.

Just another 'view'

Another woodland shot.

and another!

Nice snow packed road!

Now if you look carefully - in the distance you can see the Pennines! And yes they were snowy too.

Looking towards the Pennines again

So there you are today's hike in the snow!

Oh no snow!

I may be wrong but I think there might be snow on them thar hills and in one or two other places too!

There is certainly plenty of it here. There wasn't a flake to be seen at 6.00am this lot fell over a few hours! So being robust/daft/bored/nuts or something I decided to go for a yomp! I took my camera..

Now this is my towns Christmas Tree! lol It does actually look quite pretty, if you imagine the barriers away that it. It doesn't show in my photo but the lights are a twinkly pale blue.

The woods along side the road, yes it really did look blue! But then it was quite chilly!

Hill + Sledges + children= fun! The man in the picture went face down immediately after I took this lol

One of our trees!

As I was coming back it was just begining to get dark, so no we don't have luminous snow in Yorkshire!

So there you are some of my snow!

If you want some please feel free to come and fetch as much as you like.

Saturday 2 January 2010

Happy Noo Year!

Well HI there Bloggettes! A very Happy Noo Year to you all! I do hope you've all had a lovely time over the festive period. I have! I've been nicely spoilt by my lovely OM! He's a sweetie.

So we've just gone live with our first challenge of the year over at Totally Gorjuss We decided to make our first theme 'thank you' which is appropriate for this time of the year. I coloured up this sweet little Magnolia. Now I know this is one of the Christmas collection but I think she's one that can be used all year. I mean we get presents on our birthdays don't we? I used some Basic Grey Euphoria papers, Prima flowers and ribbon. The sentiment is a stamp by Personal Impressions.

It felt rather weird not to be making a Christmas card actually lol

So on New Years Eve OM and myself headed off to a ball. We feasted on a Chinese Banquet, yum! Well some of us did, some (yup the OM) had a steak! So as a treat/shock here's a pic of me in my finery! I got my Pandora bracelet filled up and a new ring among my pressies.

Note the curly hair! One of my presents is a hair curling 'thing'. I'm sure that isn't its proper name but I can't put here what the OM said it was!!! Now this 'thing' is fantastic at curling hair, it could also double as a branding iron, I only burnt myself about 10 times lol.

Oh I got a surprise present too - bloody impetigo! How nice was that to wake up with on Christmas morning.....

So after that not so happy note - I'd like to wish you all much love, happiness and success in 2010, may all your dreams come true.