Monday 31 August 2009


Hi Bloggettes! I hope you're all fine and dandy! I am kind of.... turns out I've got carpal tunnel syndrome. Oh my is it painful! Its bad enough in the daytime.... night-time turns it into a monster! Its one of those things that no matter what you do it doesn't stop hurting! So I'm due an operation to get rid of it. I'm struggling doing anything. I pick things up and drop them, fumble, get pins and needles... anyway its a pain and I don't want to bore you to bits!

So who's for a piece of cake? I do have to say it was yummy and went down a treat with a coffee. I might have some chocolate cake if you prefer though?

Now my friend Maria gave me these lovely flowers from her garden - aren't they pretty? I almost managed to 'arrange' them instead of my usual ram them in method - lol Oh as an added extra I made the vase myself. I did an art and pottery course a few years ago. I really enjoyed the pottery. This is one of the first things I made. The only thing wrong with it is that it should be blue and cream! The reason its brown is because the Tutor set the kiln at the wrong temeprature so everything came out brown. Actually I quite like it in brown!

So finally (I'm typing this one handed!) Is my card for this weeks challenge over at Cute Daisy May. This week I asked for 'thank you' cards, always a useful card to have on standby. I'd made this before my wrist flared up thank heavens.

For a change I decided to colour Daisy in apricot shades......then I discovered I don't really have any patterned paper in those colours! I managed to find a bit of yellowy coloured paper and some apricot coloured card. A couple of flowers and brads finished it off.

So that's enough one handed-ness from me for one session - it takes ages to blog, well even longer than my usual epics!

Oh and does anyone else think we've slipped into Autumn?

Tuesday 25 August 2009

It's a first!

Hi Bloggettes!

Where has summer gone? I'm asking as I've just put the heating on! So what with the cold and the huge downpour we've had.... well its fairly manky.

So I thought I'd share my little ladybird Tilda with you. I think she's rather sweet. Honestly though she isn't as washed out looking in real life!

And what's the first? I hear you cry.... humour me please!

All being well I've got a little video clip of the babies. This is one of their favourite games, they love to play on my shoes. They do this funny body rubbing thing which is called surfing! As it starts Harry in on the carpet between my shoes and Tinker is on the left shoe, I love how she gives herself a little head rub!

So what do you think?

Sunday 23 August 2009


Hi Bloggettes!

Phew what a shock I've just had. Blinking computer only didn't want to play! ~gasps~ I know it didn't want to play, well play computers you know? It kept switching off and being well naughty. So its had a spank and we *seem* to be OK.

So how is everyone in Blogland? All fit and well I hope.

So to calm myself down I'm giving you a picture overload!

Are you ready? I'm starting anyway lol Here is a picture of the babies awww! I mean who could think these two could ever be naughty? As if.....

Harry decided that Tinker needed a little bit of tidying up - Tinker laps this up I can tell you.

Then I had a muffin baking session. It was Junior Captains day at the golf club so I said I'd make them some muffins. So I did


Raspberry and white chocolate - these are gorgeous!

Double Chocolate - always a favourite.

Apparently the muffins didn't touch the sides as they wolfed them down. ;))

Oh I suppose I should show you a card then? Well over at Cute Daisy May is Blue and Green should it be seen? So here's my effort. I coloured one of Linnies lovely new fairies with distress inks and then a coat of H2O's which give a lovely sheen which of course doesn't show up on my world class photography!

I tried to take a close up of the flowers to show the shimmer from the glimmer mist spray.... but I've already mentioned my photography skills! I do try though.... 'onest!

Sunday 16 August 2009

Am I the first?

Hi Bloggettes!

I hope you're all fine and dandy - did you have sunshine today? We did and what a lovely change that makes I can tell you. The sun seems to make everything better - well it does for me anyway.

So let me show you what I've done today - today Linnie and my self have been to The Hobby House for a craft session/demo/lesson with the fabulous Bev Rochester. My did we have a laugh! Oh and picked up a tip or two as well.

So this is what I made - I think its kind of pretty and of course its PINK which can only be a good thing - right?

So here's little Willow who has been distress inked and H2O'd, doodle bug papers, Martha Stewart punching, flower punching, charmed and braded. Oh I spritzed the flowerd with some Glimmer Mist too. Naturally I had to buy some of them! ~blushes~ I know how surprised you'll be to hear that!

Oh the card isn't cock-eyed in real life! Its another of my photgraphy skills!

A little close up of the flower and one of the brads - you can just about make out the Glimmer Mist on the flower.

So there you go that was my day. I hope yours was as good.

You might want to pop over to Linnies blog and she might tell you what SHE did in the pub....

Wednesday 12 August 2009

Sunny Wednesday

Hi there Bloggettes! Well what a day, we've had sunshine! Yes two days in a row, mind you I'm not going to make too much noise about it or else it'll stop! I've had a good afternoon - I've played golf! I should have been baking.... but I thought stuff that the sun's out. So off I went - it was really good. We played with our juniors - they're so sweet and some of them are tiny! ~aw~ And it also meant I got out of cooking so even better.

So my photo treats for you today... I'll start with the real treat my babies. Now when they've been out for their morning games - they call them games, I don't call chewing doors a game Tinker! They aren't always that keen on going back in their cage. However for a piece of bread with a smear of butter they'll go in and wait for you to give it to them!

So here they are tucking in!

Here's Harry with hers - notice the half closed eyes! Not sleepy eyes but 'oh this is so yummy' eyes! Sorry its blurry - you know how good I am with photos...

Here's Tinker with hers! yes I know it looks a HUGE piece of bread... but its a thin slice and it is Weight Watchers bread! And they do waste most of it. I think its really sweet how they hold it in their hands. OK I know they're feet really but they are like hands how they hold food in them.

I suppose I ought to share a card with you really....

Well here is Anya all done up for a Christmas card! I've make a brilliant start on my Christmas cards now - I've got four done! lol Believe me that is a BIG start I usually do all mine in the week before I send them. lol

So Anya had some papers from the Hobby House, a touch of punching a la Martha Stewart and a little bell.

I think she's kind of pretty - I may be biased because I LOVE these stamps!

Monday 10 August 2009

Grey Monday!

Hi Bloggettes! Well it seems like summer is over... again! The weekend was lovely and sunny and warm! Now its back to wetness and greyness again... Bring back the sun I say!

Now to start you off I thought I'd treat you to a couple of photos of the girls. Now these are post bath. This is how they like to get dry. Caiques do a thing called 'body surfing', basically they rub themselves along things to get dry, mind you they also do it when they're dry. My hair is a favourite spot!

At first they decided to actually share the towel, Harry on the right and Tinker on the left.

Harry then decided she'll let her feathers dry naturally in the sun - all that surfing is hard work you know!

See its so tiring its even made Tinker yawn!

Cute huh? The downside though is that when they're wet they really pong!

So a card for you - this week over on Cute Daisy May the challenge was floral fantasy which basically means I wanted some flowers on your cards ;-)) No problem for me there I mean I can out them on mens cards! My OM is used to it now. lol

So here's a Christmas one from me, Daisy has been Copic'd and I did her little muff with flock. I did think of using flowersoft but decided it would be too chunky looking for what I wanted. I think the flocking worked out well in the end.

Now I was following a sketch.... notice the word was. I measured and cut my last piece of BG paper and realised when I turned it over I had the printed writing along the bottom! Seeing as it was an 8 x 8 card I could'nt get another bit out of it either! So after thinking/cursing for a moment (one helps the other) I reached for Martha Stewart well a punch anyway. A quick strip down the side and I think I rescued her. A few Poinsettias for the flower element and a printed sentiment.

Voila! Hopefully this shows the flocking a bit better.

So there you go my effort for today. I'd better get on - I'm now in my precious procrastination time!