Saturday 27 March 2010

I'm not lost!

Hi there Bloggettes! I'm not lost 'onest! Goodness that sounds like a song title. Some Country and Western melody you know where they normally sing about falling in love with their tractor or something ;))

Well another manic week here at Caique Momma Towers. I thought my feet weren't going to touch the ground! The week started off well though after my shopping trip to Harrogate. I never seemed to catch up after that though. I was sailing along with loads of time, or so I thought, and then the time had flashed by! Of course the clocks go forward this week so that's an hour less or is it more? I know it takes me about a week to adjust my body clock. Actually I think that runs on Malaysian time, well I know its not GMT for sure!

So what have I got to show you? A couple of gratuitous Harry photos! Now Harry knew there was food in this pan (not switched on of course) and she couldn't work out how to get at it!

Perhaps I'll look round here then....

Oh well I'll look at that beautiful bird I can see! Yes she's got a dirty face as usual! Oh and the twinkle toes as well!

So over at Totally Gorjuss we've just launched (sounds like a ship doesn't it?) a new challenge. This week we want hearts! Can be heart shaped, or hearts on papers or what have you. I opted for this sweet little Tilda. Cute isn't she? I coloured her in soft pinks for a change. The papers are Basic Grey Bittersweet. In fact everything except the stamp came from the Hobby House
The pearl swirls are done with a template and the super pearls that Jill sells. It was so easy. Place the template where you want it, then I just did dots where I wanted the pearls. Believe me if I can do it so can you! The pearls are a bargain, 10 packs for £10. Tons of them in a pack too. Tilda has of course been Copic'd.

Pop over to TG and check out the other makes - they're really fabulous!

Sunday 21 March 2010

Woohoo! Its officially Spring!

Hi there Bloggettes! Woohooo! The sun is shining! Its officially here - Spring that is. Long may the sun shine I say. Mind you it did persist it down with rain yesterday. Still it was no matter as I had a fab day at the Northern Papercrafts Show at Harrogate. I met up with a couple of crafting buddies, the fabulous Bev and the lovely Marcea. Its always nice to meet up with fellow addicts ;)) Thanks for the thumbs on on finding the ONLY Basic Grey paper at the show Marcea! I couldn't believe there wasn't more of it to be honest. I had to content myself with a 'couple' of other bits and pieces.... like you do!

Well as I said today is the first day of Spring. Its also The Big L's birthday! Yup ma baby is 24 today. Which is quite bizarre really as EVERYONE knows I'm only 23 myself.... He's less than impressed though as he's had to work and its an extra long shift lol

So this is his card I made. I always find it a real poser to make a card for my menfolk - its not just me is it? So Dan isn't into sport, I don't think games on the Wii count as sport do they? So the 'usual' subjects for men's cards don't actually apply to him. As usual in times this this I headed over to Mo Mannings Literally an image for every occasion over at Mo's. So I got this one. Hugely appropriate for Big L! I sometimes think his games controller is growing out of his hand!

So he was coloured with Copics (of course), the paper is from a K and Co Addison pad, a spot of punching a la Martha Stewart, some Quickutz stars and Cuttlebug arrows. I did the sentiment on the computer. Oh a bit of fake stitchery with my trusty white pen.

I'm actually quite pleased with it. Oh the usual piles on my desk - lol

Now last week over at Bubbyfunk we had a conversation about what we were having for tea. We were having Rolladen - which are one of my favourite things. So especially for Janice I took a quick photo (my usual standard naturally) of mine before I ate it all! Yup every last teeny tiny piece I scoffed!

Sunday 14 March 2010

Candy Draw!

Drum roll required Bloggettes! Sorry I'm a bit late but the skatings been on!

Anyway I've done the Random Picky Thing and he's picked.....


Email me your details and I'll get it posted off to you. If I don't hear within 7 days I'll redraw.

Thanks to all who tried!

Belated birthday candy!


Howdy bloggettes!

Now all being well ~fingers crossed, touches wood, strokes black cat~ This post will hopefully stay on top until 8.00pm GMT 14 March 2010.

Now I promised myself I'd have some candy up when it was my birthday. Well 23 is a milestone birthday!

So lo and behold the candy.....

An assortment of chippie shapes, rubber stamps, mini albums, chippie albums, ribbons, lace and a Martha Stewart punch.

So how do you get to win this candy?

Well please make your self a follower if you aren't one already, put a pic of the candy in your sidebar to help spread the lurve! Then pop your name in Mr Linky. If he should be naughty leave a comment and pop back when he comes back.

Saturday 13 March 2010

Sweet in more ways than one

Howdy Bloggettes! Well its that time of morning again.... my time to blog. Well it always seems things load up or down or whatever quicker for some reason... So anyway here I am. I bet yuo're soooo thrilled... well a tiny bit thrilled would be good! Anyway over at Totally Gorjuss our new challnge has just gone live! That sounds so important! Well the theme this week is sweet. So it can either be a sweet image or an image of something sweet. I opted for this little Tilda with her lollipop. Rather than have her float in mid air - always difficult I've found, in fact more difficult than walking on water..... No matter so I sat her on some roses! Always comfy lol

For a change I got the old Distress Inks out and coloured her with those. My last piece of gingham paper ~sobs~ a bit of punching a la Martha and flowers a la Wild Orchid Crafts. I had to lay the card down immediately after I took the photo, yes you're right it was still wet!

This is a new sort of colour for me, not the pink and blue. The very pastel shades. I do like them but I can't 'do' them if you know what I mean.

Oh here's my 'fabulous' (in my dreams) arty shot!

Oh you know how I said the theme was sweet I suppose I could have used these little babies! Yum! C H O C O L A T E C A K E S!!! Trust me they are as yummy as they look.

Oh and for you non sweet tooth folks - some small tarts. These are spinach, cherry tomato and feta cheese. I LOVE feta cheese.... In fact I love cheese full stop. These are warm out of the oven.... can you smell them?

Oh and specially for Kath here's a little video of one of her favourite girls! Well mine anyway. I bought harry and Tinker some treat sticks. Harry was so excited she couldn't wait to open them!

Wednesday 10 March 2010

WOYWDD on the right day!

Yo Bloggettes! Are you enjoying the sunshine? I am what a lovely change from all that other horrible wet stuff. Still cold mind you but what a relief to have some respite from it.

Now the other day I had some new stamps 'accidentally' fall through the letter box - I mean how on earth did that happen??? Well I felt obliged to get some EZ mount on them pretty quick! This little beauty is one of said 'accidental' stamps - isn't she fab? I opted for purpley pinky shades again. I mean I never use purples! However I had to do some serious digging for papers when I'd coloured her. Amazingly I did find some.... I mean me who hardly has anything ~coughs~

Now the card isn't skew-whiff in real life. I've decided I must either have one arm seriously shorter than the other or my room slopes somewhat. Of course there is the other option which is that my photography's just pants..... Hmmm? I wonder which it is?

My arty attempt! It doesn't show up (there's a surprise!) but the stars and her scales (always attractive in a woman I think) have had the once over with a clear Copic glitter pen. I love these they give a lovely subtle shimmer.

Now of course its Wednesday so that means it WOYWDW - or similar! I always get the letters wrong or have my own because I'm on a different day altogether ;))

Now as you may have seen earlier there's a scary photo of little old me on my way to a ball. I'm wearing my new stilts!

That's what's on my desk today - yup the stilts!

I'm sure you can see now why I had to have them! Aren't they beautiful?

I've tried to show you how high the heels are here - almost 5 inches! I almost had altitude sickness! Oh and I did loads of dancing in them too.

So remember to pop over to Julias and you can get to nose, er I mean look at all the other desks, (and washers) too!

So I've shown you mine.....will you show me yours too?

Sunday 7 March 2010

ball night

Well no crafting pics today I'm afraid Bloggettes.

Just a little pic of scary old me! This was me in my outfit for the ball.

Saturday 6 March 2010

New challenge and a shock photo!

Howdy Bloggettes! No I've not fallen off the face of the earth or been abducted by aliens... well I don't think so... Its just been one of those weeks! You know where one thing leads to another and then another... add time mid week being poorly and that's it another week over. Actually I blame all that bloody ironing I did on Monday. I always knew housework and stuff was bad for you, well it is me! Of course now all my ironing is done I feel extremely virtuous. I'm doing no more laundry ever so it'll always be up to date! Result eh? Of course that means more shopping... I managed a spot of that today, well OK technically yesterday but because I haven't been to bed yet its still today. I bought a super dress and stilts. High heels to you and me, OM calls them stilts as they're a bit high!

So if you're still awake and if you aren't BOO!!! There that got your attention ~snigger's~ A new challenge is on the go over at Totally Gorjuss Its a nice easy sketch, well I drew it and I can only do easy ones! So here's what I did. I used an Anya for a change. Mine came from Tracy at Dies to Die For She's been distress inked and I finally found my doilies! So I popped her on one of those. (You wouldn't believe how long it took me to find them! Though the next photo might help....) A few roses a la Wild Orchid Crafts a bit of Stickles which doesn't show up terribly well. Anyway that was her done!

Right here's my take on OKIKIFANWBHMDA - which of course as we all know stands for OK I Know Its Friday And Not Wednesday But Here's My Desk Anyway

See I told you it was shocking, those of a sensitive nature might want to sit down before looking...

See I'll show it you again - still shocking huh? Now someone wondered where all the brads had gone... not far as you can see! Piled in a little bucket! Oh I found my Pinflair Glue Gel! Love it. It doesn't have that funny pong that silicone does.

I hope that's not left you too traumatised.... so just think when you think your space is messy... you know it isn't really!