Monday 23 March 2009

Wet parrots and Cute Daisy may!

Hi Bloggettes! A treat for you today, wet parrots - a treat for Gez and my DT entry for the Cute Daisy May Challenge. You can find all the DT entries here Aren't they smashing?

Naturally I have got my babies pictures first! Silly Blogger did put them all on twice for some reason.... usually he doesn't want to put any on. So double is a bonus I suppose.

First we have Tinker - she's just had a bath and is getting dry on her Daddy's shoulder. She doesn't really have a back like a stegosaurus!

Harry decided to snub the offer of a towel and opted to get dry in the sun while making sure no other birds came into her garden! 'Hmmm I might have to think what I'm going to do next?'

'Hey blackbird! get out of MY garden!' She doesn't miss much you know!

Finally! My card for this weeks challenge - we had to have something hidden. Now this was well out of my usual parameters! As usual when I wanted it my Mojo had decided to go AWOL. Little swine! So I sat and scratched my head for a bit.... like you do.... I had a look through my Daisy May images and picked this one - isn't she sweet? She was already coloured, Copics of course dahliing! ;)) So I decided to dive in! In a flurry of glue and paper this is what I came up with.
My hidden sentiment is the little flap that drops down - little blighter decided it preferred to be down though! I gave it a good creasing and threatened it with the scissors and hopefully it will behave now. Well when its dry anyway!
So there you are Bloggettes - are you going to come and play?

Sunday 22 March 2009

Baby's birthday!

Well I thought I'd better put a couple of pictures of the girls on for Gez! Plus it gives me a chance to show my little girlies off too! The first one shows them both, just helping themselves to breakfast. Tinker is on the left deciding what to help herself to, Harry is watching her carefully to make sure she doesn't get the bit she wants!

A portrait of Harry - isn't she just gorgeous??? The answer is YES! ;))
And here's Tinker, she's showing off her latest trick. She can open the seed pot door, she stands on it and scoops all the seeds out with her feet! Little monkey laughs while she does it too.
Finally here's the card I made for Big L's birthday, which actually was yesterday. My 'baby' is 23! How the heck did that happen?! I always find it quite hard to make cards for my family for some reason - for other peoples its fine lol
Oh another bit of news too - I'm teaching a workshop at a craft shop near me soon! ;0)) I'll post more details soon!

Take care Bloggettes!

Friday 20 March 2009

Candy lert!


Bev has the most lush candy!

Thursday 19 March 2009

Cute Daisy May card

Hi Bloggettes.

Just a quickie today - no essay to lull you to sleep.... hooray they shout...

This is a card for the 'Button it' challenge over at the Cute Daisy May Blog here Why not pop over and have a look? It would lovely if you came to play.

There's a free download for the winner too.

See you there!

Monday 16 March 2009

Om my Copic Candy!

Oh my!!!

Look here What super candy!


Woohooooo Bloggettes! The bandages are off. Mind you I do have a long list of do's and don'ts. The main thing is they're off though. So what have I been up to?

Well Saturday we went to a ball - its fair to say my fingers have never received so much attention. I almost wish I'd worn a badge saying what I'd done to them! lol Still it shows people noticed me though. But it was good night and I was totally shattered the next day, I wonder if going to bed at 3.30am had anything to do with it? Not alcohol as yours truly was driving - as always.

Today I've spent 4 hours sat in the garage while OM's car had its MOT. I took a bag of stuff with me to pass the time while waiting. I made these while there (and others) now these were done 'with bandages' - I'm quite pleased with them. I sold some others to customers while I was there! My usual rubbishy photos - I do try.... honest!

Opps I've just noticed the oven glove in the background! PMSL!!!

These are both a mix of Gorguss girls (and they are!), Basic Grey Phoebe and Two Scoops, Primas, Pearls and raffia lace.

I followed this up with a visit to the hospital, a five minute wait, the waiting room was packed! hah! and off you go keep them clean/dry/soft/protected yadda yadda yadda.... As I came out a woman was at the desk with the immortal words 'hey she (me obviously) has only been here 5 minutes...' I allowed myself a slight snigger... then ran through the door she looked like she might have meant business!

Friday 13 March 2009


Oops! Well Bloggettes I hope you've got patience because typing this with two fingers of my left hand will take some time! Like a silly sod, well actually not like more a case of am a silly sod!

So voila! the cinder fingers - lovely bandages huh? While doing my big cook-a-thon yesterday I picked up a red hot tin! So I've now branded my fingers and thumb. Real proper burn it till its whie ones. Boy do they hurt too! I've discovered just how much you actually use your thumb! That's everything from getting dressed to going to the loo! Hmm I think that's enough information on that point!

Hopefully normal service will be resumed as soon as possible!

Tuesday 10 March 2009

And another..

Blimey I'm like a bus - none for ages and then two together! I just thought I'd show you these two cards. These are made with ribbon I was sent by Crafty Ribbons. I make them a card or two and keep what's left over. So here's the love muffin! PMSL! I saw this stamp on Sunday and had to have it. Its the one I bought from Nut Crafters. Coloured with Copics of course!

Another one using ribbon from the same people - I've tried to do one of those simple flowers from various sized circles - I'm not quite sure it worked to be honest, but its stuck there now!

And finally my easel! Made for me by a friends hubby! Thanks Sid you're a star! If anyone's interested he might do commissions...

Monday 9 March 2009

A little visitor!

Hiya Bloggettes! Crikey I make you sound like a 60's girl pop group! You know the ones who wore short spangly dresses with BIG hair lol I'm sure you all would look fabulous in such an outfit.

So what have I been up to? Well not as much as I'd have liked as I've still been a bit poorly sick. But on Sunday I perked up enough to pop to the Paper Crafts Show at Sheffield. To be honest it didn't take me long to look round it which is a shame. I did see Lynne from The Craft Den though so we had a little chat, as you do ;)) I had just bought some really fab Prima flowers from the stall next door called the Nutcrafters I might even have bought stamps too... well you have to don't you?

So here are the flowers - honestly I'm really short of yellow ones!

Hang on a minute! What's that in the top???

Excuse me Mister - what are you up to? Come on, out of there right now!
'Er Hello Auntie Net'
Calvin Mouse what on earth on you doing in my new Prima flowers?
'Well er.... er...I was just looking after them for you Auntie Net'
I think they were just alright on their own thank you very much Calvin Mouse.
'You sure Auntie Net?'
Yes Calvin Mouse I am! What were really doing in there?
'Well er er well you see I was hoping you might have some of that chocolate cake in there Auntie Net'
Calvin! No one keeps chocolate cake in their Prima flowers.
'Er er... you sure Auntie Net?'
Calvin Mouse didn't Maddy tell you what I gave her on Saturday?
'No Auntie Net - what was it?'
I gave her Triple chocolate pecan brownie.....

Well at that he was off like a shot! I think he was heading towards the station...

So I thought I'd show you a couple of the card I've made over the weekend. This one is made using a Gorguss girl - and they are too. I think she's quite sweet.
This one is made using one of the Cute Daisy May downloads available from here
As usual, well it seems that way at the moment coloured with Copics! I really do like them.

I did get some more at the weekend too - I won the second Copic Challenge so naturally I used my vouchers for more Copics!

Well I hope none of you have dropped off because you'd look quite silly with an imprint of the keys on your foreheads....

Candy lert!


Phwoar! Sums it up perfectly!

Thursday 5 March 2009

Just for Gez!

Just for you Gez! The babies!

Here's Tinker sat on her Daddy's shoulder - look she's waving at you!

Harry and Tinker laying on the Big L's lap! Harry at the front - almost asleep!
Harry enjoying a bit of splashy fun!
They OK for you Gez? ;))

Wednesday 4 March 2009

Copic workshop and stuff!

Hiya Bloggettes! I'm baaack! Well I've not actually been anywhere as such, just been laid rather low with a bad case of the Lurgy. Its been a tricky Lurgy too you think its going and then it comes back! Hopefully its now really going! It also left me feeling really really tired too So what have I been up to? Well Sunday I went to a Copic Workshop run by Maddy It was great! Linnie came too. Thanks also to Rachel who was the hostess with the mostest and kept up supplied with coffee and biscuits and made us a lovely lunch. So we all did exactly as we were told and were really quiet and listened to the Teacher... and did everything she said and hung on her every word!

Seriously a lovely day and this is the card I had at the end of it - cute huh?

Little Calvin Mouse came too, he's had a torrid time of it in the week when Rotty Rat was caught passing him through the Big Shot! Three pieces of cake sorted him out somewhat though!
Some of the other ladies who came were Georgina and Joanne - both worked hard all day!
Denise and Tricia. Denise has got to be the most organised crafter in the world! ;)) She had the most beautiful craft carrier that she'd altered.

Juliet looking studious in profile. I'm not really sure what Maddy was doing.... any ideas folks?

So that's all for now folks (didn't a cartoon finish with that phrase??)