Saturday 18 October 2008

Well RIP good old Fuji camera :(( Well it is now wretched thing refuses to switch on even! So figuring out that a repair will be more than its worth I'm now the owner of a new camera! Which has more features than you can poke a stick at - apprantly. I never was any good with sticks myself. I need to get the book out I suppose and see what I can fathom out. But whats really peeving is that now most cameras DON'T come with an XD card or whatever they are! Fortunatley I can either take the card out of my dead camera ~ooh a bit like a transplant!~ or I have a new one we bought in the USA.

Right off to read the camera book..... boring.....

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Dollydimps said...

If you've got past page 5 you're a better woman than I! I have a fabby all singing and dancing camera which takes fab pics without me playing with settings, so why bother with the manual! ;)