Saturday 1 November 2008

Hey Bloggettes! Have you missed me? The answer to that that question by the way is YES! ;)) So I'm sure you've all been on the edge of your seats for the latest events at Caique-Momma Towers. Right get ready and I'll begin... hey wake up at the back already! So in this lovely chilly well CM (Caique-Momma stay with me folks) has been a busy gal. Loads of baking, card making and other fun playing bits and bobs. More of that later. The girls have been to see nasty Mr Vet for a pedicure. Harry who is usually the more reserved of the two was a good girl, she came of of the carry box a treat! Laid on her back and had her nails done and blew the Vet lovely kisses. Tinker who is usually the hooligan and VERY forward refused to come out of the box! After two attempts, both times Harry came out instead, he eventually got his gal! Well yes she laid nicely in his hand and also made the LOUDEST crying scared baby noises you have ever heard come out of such a little parrot! It worked though because the Vet relaxed slightly.... only a tiny tiny but.... it was enough the little bugger managed to get a sneaky bite in and laughed! As a way of an apology she did blow him a rather nice kiss after! CM managed an embarassed snigger too, I mean I hate having my feet touched too so I can sympathise with her.

So what else - well an especially long meeting, not with Mr Er and Ahh though. Another one which involved 3 pages of doodling from me. A sign of it dragging on far too long!

So a few picture 'treats' for you now. Gosh I know how to spoil you! Just a couple of Christmas cards.


Sue said...

loving the PINK Christmas card I love a pink christmas xx


Hazel said...

Lovely cards. Is the circular merry christmas on the second one a stamp?

Gez Butterworth said...

Lovely cards. Nice to see a bit of figgy pudding ooops paper. ;)