Friday 19 December 2008


Howdy Bloggettes!

Fear not I've not been abducted by aliens! Hey who said 'shame'!! Been a manic manic week here - no change there then eh? Its always really busy at market just before Christmas - people seem to go into a buying frenzy, I mean what exactly do they do with all those mince pies???

So a treat (OK so its only photos but hang with me here folks ;o)) of just a couple of things.

Firstly I suddenly realised that I was rather short of cards for us to send! So I came up with a quick design which can be used with various stamps, I then rattled out about 20 very similar ones. I won't bore you with pictures of them all.... unless you want to see them? No OK - let me know if you do!

As I said this week has been crazy - if I ever see another mince pie I may scream! I seem to have made millions of them! I'll have to make more as I sold them all! However I thought a photo of mince pies might be a tad boring, so here is a little pic of some of my fairy cakes, these all sold too! No cake for Caique Momma today!

I also had an order for a Diabetic Christmas Cake - my friend who is diabetic just eats 'normal' cake but this is an all singing dancing cake! Still it looked incredibly boring as it was neither iced nor marzipanned. So I titivated the box up with a mahooosive gold bow. It did make it look a trifle better. Then the customer dropped it..... fortunately it was after she'd paid for it! I then made some running repairs to the box. Strangely the cake was intact! Rather worrying but then its a fruit cake and they are quite 'sturdy'!

Finally just for self indulgence a couple of pictures of my babies! One of their favourite things to climb on - the cutlery rack from the dishwasher! They like it full of cutlery.... then they can chuck it on the floor - a good game as then I have to wash it again and they can splash in the bowl given half a chance.

So Bloggettes I do hope you're still awake - back to bore you soon!

Oh its OM's birthday today, I made his card (today) I'll take a photo later.


Sarah said...

Aaawww those little cakes are adorable and look sooo yummy! I love the style of your card, great work!

Ellen said...

those little cakes look so tempting. lovely photo of your babies. what a pair

Hazel said...

Yummy cards and yummy cakes and piccies of your babies - what more could we want! Happy Birthday to big L - look forward to seeing his card. x

Kate said...

Happy Birthday for tomorrow for your OM. Your birdies are soooo cute (not to mention the cakes)

Karen said...

Awe, I just love your babies Net....keep the piccies coming .....perlease! X