Monday 9 March 2009

A little visitor!

Hiya Bloggettes! Crikey I make you sound like a 60's girl pop group! You know the ones who wore short spangly dresses with BIG hair lol I'm sure you all would look fabulous in such an outfit.

So what have I been up to? Well not as much as I'd have liked as I've still been a bit poorly sick. But on Sunday I perked up enough to pop to the Paper Crafts Show at Sheffield. To be honest it didn't take me long to look round it which is a shame. I did see Lynne from The Craft Den though so we had a little chat, as you do ;)) I had just bought some really fab Prima flowers from the stall next door called the Nutcrafters I might even have bought stamps too... well you have to don't you?

So here are the flowers - honestly I'm really short of yellow ones!

Hang on a minute! What's that in the top???

Excuse me Mister - what are you up to? Come on, out of there right now!
'Er Hello Auntie Net'
Calvin Mouse what on earth on you doing in my new Prima flowers?
'Well er.... er...I was just looking after them for you Auntie Net'
I think they were just alright on their own thank you very much Calvin Mouse.
'You sure Auntie Net?'
Yes Calvin Mouse I am! What were really doing in there?
'Well er er well you see I was hoping you might have some of that chocolate cake in there Auntie Net'
Calvin! No one keeps chocolate cake in their Prima flowers.
'Er er... you sure Auntie Net?'
Calvin Mouse didn't Maddy tell you what I gave her on Saturday?
'No Auntie Net - what was it?'
I gave her Triple chocolate pecan brownie.....

Well at that he was off like a shot! I think he was heading towards the station...

So I thought I'd show you a couple of the card I've made over the weekend. This one is made using a Gorguss girl - and they are too. I think she's quite sweet.
This one is made using one of the Cute Daisy May downloads available from here
As usual, well it seems that way at the moment coloured with Copics! I really do like them.

I did get some more at the weekend too - I won the second Copic Challenge so naturally I used my vouchers for more Copics!

Well I hope none of you have dropped off because you'd look quite silly with an imprint of the keys on your foreheads....


Hazel said...

Lovely cards, Net. That norty mouse Calvin - whatever is he going to get up to next?! x

artfulstampin said...

Beautiful cards! hope Calvin didn't nibble at your Primas!

maddy hill said...

I reconise those ears !

Well what do ya know ! that blimming mouse is norty ! ive been looking all over for him ! tut tut at you and your choccy cake calvin mouse !

fab cards Net ! the colouring on the the yellow one is especially superb !

Hope to see you soon and hopefully will see calvin mouse soon too ! sorry about that net !

Gez Butterworth said...

Netty!!!!! How the heck did Calvin snook in?????

Fabby cards. Enjoy your new stamps. :o)
Your colouring is superb. XXX

Think on.....NO giving Calvin extra cuddles!!
I don't want Harry & Tinker thinking their mummy doesn't love them any more. ;o)

Riet said...

what a beautiful cards Net.

hugs Riet.x

angelwhispers said...

Love the cards Net. That little mouse had better get packed off soon no knowing where he'll end up next!!! xx

Adele said...

Just playing a bit of catch up Net and popping over to say hello! Some lovely copic colouring going on over here!

love Dingle.xx