Tuesday 9 June 2009

Tantalising Tuesday

Hi Bloggettes - well what a funny old day its been! Grey and well grey! At least it wasn't too wet. Always a bonus when you're playing golf in this country! Mind you I am quite used to playing the rain.... Doesn't mean I like it though. So to cheer you up a couple more pics of the sunshine! This one is a view from the balcony of our apartment looking up Clearwater Beach towards Pier 60 (for those of you lucky things who know the area). This was just before sunset and around 85f.... seems a long time ago now! I mean if we don't get some more sun soon I'll be as white as I was before we went!

This is a pond (oh really??) on one of the golf courses we played. Now (bear with me) this is a place called Stonegate but it used to be Poinciana Golf Course and that was the first course I ever played in Florida. Its very different now as they've built lots of houses on and around it. If you look hard you can see the little alligator in the pond!

~sighs~ and remembers the SUN!

Right back to this card malarky then. Did I tell you about the request for a wedding card featuring Mickey Mouse??? Well I declined that part of the request pretty sharpish I can tell you. So after I was given a free rein to come up with 'something nice'. That gave me a period to sit and scratch my head a bit (always works for me) and twiddle my thumbs!

So after doing all that I remembered the Black Tie paper I'd bought while on holiday. So that some coredinations card, lace, ribbon, charms etc etc I was done!

A little close up of the charm - I made it danglier (is that a word?) than usual.

Here's the card in its entirety. I also did an insert in the same script style font with appropriate weddingy wording.

I have to say I was quite pleased with it in the end. To add the customer was thrilled too - she did agree it was much better than something with Mickey Mouse on!


Kaz said...

Lovely card Net. I need a hint to find the alligator!!

Kath said...

That is one gorgeous card,Net. No wonder they were pleased with it.

Sue said...

fab card Net love the dangly thing

mmmm those views oooo I need to be BACK

roll on October


Lynne said...

Lovely card. Can't spy the alligator.

Gez Butterworth said...

Fabulous card Net. You certainly came up trumps!

Now where the heck is that alligator? I can't zoom in enough!lol

We could play like 'spot the ball' only with your ali & nearest circle wins!...er your blog candy! haha! worth a try! I think he's sitting on the right hand bank behind the trees altho I might have seen an eye peeping out the water!! OMG someone lives across the road & there's no fence!!!

Fab sunset. I'm defo carrying your cases next time hun. XXX

Enfys said...

geous gorgeous card Net, love all the detail. I keep getting homesick for Florida when I come over here, especially with the wonderful summer weather we are having....
En x