Monday 10 August 2009

Grey Monday!

Hi Bloggettes! Well it seems like summer is over... again! The weekend was lovely and sunny and warm! Now its back to wetness and greyness again... Bring back the sun I say!

Now to start you off I thought I'd treat you to a couple of photos of the girls. Now these are post bath. This is how they like to get dry. Caiques do a thing called 'body surfing', basically they rub themselves along things to get dry, mind you they also do it when they're dry. My hair is a favourite spot!

At first they decided to actually share the towel, Harry on the right and Tinker on the left.

Harry then decided she'll let her feathers dry naturally in the sun - all that surfing is hard work you know!

See its so tiring its even made Tinker yawn!

Cute huh? The downside though is that when they're wet they really pong!

So a card for you - this week over on Cute Daisy May the challenge was floral fantasy which basically means I wanted some flowers on your cards ;-)) No problem for me there I mean I can out them on mens cards! My OM is used to it now. lol

So here's a Christmas one from me, Daisy has been Copic'd and I did her little muff with flock. I did think of using flowersoft but decided it would be too chunky looking for what I wanted. I think the flocking worked out well in the end.

Now I was following a sketch.... notice the word was. I measured and cut my last piece of BG paper and realised when I turned it over I had the printed writing along the bottom! Seeing as it was an 8 x 8 card I could'nt get another bit out of it either! So after thinking/cursing for a moment (one helps the other) I reached for Martha Stewart well a punch anyway. A quick strip down the side and I think I rescued her. A few Poinsettias for the flower element and a printed sentiment.

Voila! Hopefully this shows the flocking a bit better.

So there you go my effort for today. I'd better get on - I'm now in my precious procrastination time!


Kaz said...

Aaww I'm glad nobody has invented smello-pc's yet!!!

Great card Net x

Riet said...

What a gorgeous card Net,i love the image and colours.

Hugs Riet.x

Angelnorth said...

Nice card, Net - the flock looks great!

Lynne said...

Great card to brighten up a grey Monday. Lynne x

Janice said...

Loving that little girl in her red santa dress - ooh I want one like that!

The birdies look like they had fun.

Linda . J said...

Such a beautiful card Net, love the gorgeous designs and detail!
Love the birds too, sooooo cute
Hugs Linda

jem (jane elizabeth middleton) said...

They look like they enjoy a bath, their colours are beautiful and so intense, they have a new walk through of free flying birds at Chester Zoo, I was very brave and walked through , and only did a little screem once.
Your Christmas card is really stunning I love everything about it. janex

Anonymous said...

It's lovely Net and I agree with you about the flocking, it's worked really well
Ann x

Gez Butterworth said...

Great colouring Net. Great card. Love sparkle. Well done on your cover up!!

The flock looks fab.xx

Gez Butterworth said...

Look at your wet babies! bless.xx

Wendy - Anntaurus said...

Gorgeous card Net - the flocking looks great!

Teresa Arsenault said...

Your cards are gorgeous and I love your birds. It is so nice to meet another person who loves card making and parrots. I am now following your blog. I hope you will visit mine, where you can meet my Alexandrine, Gonzo the Great. You can see pics of him and my other pets on my Pets Page in my sidebar.