Wednesday 9 September 2009

Here again!

Oh no cry the Bloggettes! She's here again so soon! I know bad penny is backkkk!

Only kidding - for some reason my mojo seems to have made an appearance! So I thought I'd best take advantage of it. Chain the little blighter to my desk before it runs away again I say!

So I had a good luck card to make. A lady who I know from the Fat Club is starting a new job so I thought I'd do her a card. It kind of came together quite quickly - for once - thanks Mojo! The only slight problem being the beads didn't want to stick on the pins quite as quickly as I wanted them to. Not that I'm impatient or anything you understand..... All the people who know me in real life will now be laughing hysterically!

Still I'm quite pleased with it. Its different to what I've been making lately. I mean a stamp hasn't been near the card for a start nor a copic or a distress ink! Eeeps how did that happen???

A little close up of the flower, this consists of a punched back, 3 (yes 3!) prima flowers and a little flower charm on a chain. (If I were doing it again I'd make it a bit longer). A couple of hat type pins and beads and some die cutting for the sentiment. I'll admit I was going to use a rub on but I could'nt find the ones I wanted.... ~blushes~

And now a proper treat! Anothe clip of the girls! Have you ever wondered how a parrot eats custard? Of course you have. watch and be amazed. Oh the little noise Harry makes (who is on the left looking at her)means 'GO AWAY THIS IS MINE!!!!!'

Two little cuties aren't they?

Till next time Bloggettes, I hope by then my leg will have stopped growing. I'll tell of the fun at the drop in centre.....


Hazel said...

3 primas - you can't use too many flowers (just a good reason to buy more). Your girls are spoiled rotten - love the custard vid x

Gez Butterworth said...

Wow.... you have clever girlies Net. :-D

I agree with Hazel. Gorgeous card.xx

ValerieN18 said...

I think you should just let them have the bowl PMSL!!

Unknown said...

They gorgeous! I love how they all sound so similar and yet have their own voices.