Wednesday 6 January 2010

Even more snow!

Hi Bloggettes! Hope you're all warm and toasty.

Well even more snow! So I decided to have another walk in the snow - lol Its quite pretty while its nice and clean. I suppose before too long it'll be brown and dirty looking. Then I really don't like it.

So a few views for you - this is the main road up the hill to where I live, there's a couple of snow encrusted roads after this though.

I then went a walk through the woods.

This is taken from the edge of the hill (I live on top of this) and is looking over towards Sheffield - looks quite pretty!

Just my attempt at an 'arty shot'.

Just another 'view'

Another woodland shot.

and another!

Nice snow packed road!

Now if you look carefully - in the distance you can see the Pennines! And yes they were snowy too.

Looking towards the Pennines again

So there you are today's hike in the snow!


maddy hill said...

yep i think i have it thicker than you - heheeeeeeee !

lovely pics Net ! i cant even walk down the street without falling , its that thick up here.

com and have a look at my cookies net on me blog - you would be proud of me ! lol
love ya !
maddy x

♥ Lydia ♥ said...

Beautiful!! :)

Traceyr said...

brrrr yes very snowy! My favourite is still yesterday's Christmas tree one though.


Sharon said...

beautiful ....x

Scrappy~Sarah said...

more beautiful photographs tfs

craftymum said...

Great pics Net. Will this cold spell ever end. We have snow here in Wolverhampton but not enough to close our school. ( boo hoo)
Love sarah XXX

Hazel said...

My response is Brrrrrrrrr - but great photos, including the 'arty' one! Keep safe and warm x

Karen said...

I love the woodland pics best...it looks so beautiful ! We have about the same amount here but to get out to the countryside would definitely mean a sore bum for me as I am useless on ice haha XXX

Mimi said...

Hi! Very bautiful photos! Here, where I live, in Buenos Aires, Argentine, we are in Summer. And the temparature is higher than 30°C.
In winter it´s cold but not to have snow.
But I love your pictures, and the snow. 15 years ago I went to Bariloche, Patagonia, Argentine, and I enjoyed a lot that days because it was snowing a lot.
Warm kisses from Argentine.

Unknown said...

Great pictures ... stay warm and safe!

Kaz said...

Fab pics Net x

Cat said...

Gorgeous pix! TFS!

Linnie said...

ooo I want to live there lol