Wednesday 10 March 2010

WOYWDD on the right day!

Yo Bloggettes! Are you enjoying the sunshine? I am what a lovely change from all that other horrible wet stuff. Still cold mind you but what a relief to have some respite from it.

Now the other day I had some new stamps 'accidentally' fall through the letter box - I mean how on earth did that happen??? Well I felt obliged to get some EZ mount on them pretty quick! This little beauty is one of said 'accidental' stamps - isn't she fab? I opted for purpley pinky shades again. I mean I never use purples! However I had to do some serious digging for papers when I'd coloured her. Amazingly I did find some.... I mean me who hardly has anything ~coughs~

Now the card isn't skew-whiff in real life. I've decided I must either have one arm seriously shorter than the other or my room slopes somewhat. Of course there is the other option which is that my photography's just pants..... Hmmm? I wonder which it is?

My arty attempt! It doesn't show up (there's a surprise!) but the stars and her scales (always attractive in a woman I think) have had the once over with a clear Copic glitter pen. I love these they give a lovely subtle shimmer.

Now of course its Wednesday so that means it WOYWDW - or similar! I always get the letters wrong or have my own because I'm on a different day altogether ;))

Now as you may have seen earlier there's a scary photo of little old me on my way to a ball. I'm wearing my new stilts!

That's what's on my desk today - yup the stilts!

I'm sure you can see now why I had to have them! Aren't they beautiful?

I've tried to show you how high the heels are here - almost 5 inches! I almost had altitude sickness! Oh and I did loads of dancing in them too.

So remember to pop over to Julias and you can get to nose, er I mean look at all the other desks, (and washers) too!

So I've shown you mine.....will you show me yours too?


paola said...

wow Net! those are serious ankle busters as we call them in SA. And your accidental seet pea is gorgeous.

Hello, I'm Vicki said...

WOW that card is really pretty - and those shoes.... OMG so gorgeous xx

Pam said...

Wow there is no way I could wear those,I would fall over. Hugs Pam x

Unknown said...

WOW Net - great shoes ... and your feet were OK???? Blimey you have some serious stamina girlie! Love that card by the way :0)

Julia Dunnit said...

Are they on your desk out of love or was it the first place you could safely take them off when you got home?!! I love 'em, but man 5"..that would elevate me beyond tippy toes! Great WOYWW!

Julia Dunnit said...

God, forgot to say how fab the card is Net...like you, I have so little stuff that every new imagecauses me a stress. *ahem*

PinksyDoodles said...

Seriously beautiful card and stunning shoes!
Clare x

Helen said...

Wow! some heels. although I do have some boots with 4 and a bit inch heels - can't do shoes with heels though,for some reason. Great card on your desk.

Sally said...

Bbbbigggg heels - they would be the death of me!

Janice said...

What! First your 'pants' photography and then your stilts on the craft table. You spoil us Net!

Traceyr said...

New shoes? hahaha Too high for me but they do look lovely I agree.

Fab card too. :)

Gez Butterworth said...

Perfect for the retreat Net! ;)

Your card is beyond fab-u-lous honey.XXX

Myzdamena said...

I can't show anyone my desk at the moment- they wouldn't bell-iiiieve there was even a desk under there - Must Get Better And Craft On Table..... then again the joy at being able to eat at the dinner table would be a blessing for the rest of the family ;)

G xxx

Annie said...

Really love the card. I remember when I had shoes like those :-)
A x

Hazel said...

Gorgeous card and shoes x

Spyder said...

What a fabulous card and fab shoes too!

Jones said...

God, forgot to say how fab the card is Net...like you, I have so little stuff that every new imagecauses me a stress. *ahem*