Saturday 3 July 2010

More time theft!

OK who stole the whole week? AGAIN! I mean come on someone must know surely? Either that or those flaming Aliens came and whisked me away.... mind you I've read about the 'things' Aliens are supposed to do and I'm sure I'd remember anything like that happening to me! I mean have you read of the things they do? Naturally I'm unable to repeat such things here.... Or could the lack of blogging have something to do with the amount of cooking I've done this week? I reckon I've used around 170 eggs! Enough said I think that discounts the Alien theory ;))

Now tonight I was sprawled out watching TV when I heard a bump! I knew what it was straight away, a bird flying into one of the windows! I rushed outside expecting to find a dead bird. However on one of the chairs on the patio was this little blackbird baby! He's not long out of the nest and the poor baby was stunned :(( At one point I thought he was going to die in my hands! I scooped him up and took him indoors.... but what did I do with him? I'd got some tonic left over from when Harry was poorly - its like a boost kind of thing - so I made some up in warm water and fed him some. Which bless his little heart seemed to perk him up. I took him back into the garden.. As soon as we got outside he started calling for his Daddy! Daddy answered by dive-bombing me! Baby gave me a good peck and was placed in the bushes and fingers crossed he's OK.

Look at him having a wee drink! Sweet huh?

So over at Totally Gorjuss we've just got a new challenge up. This weeks its a nice easy sketch. I drew it which explains why its easy! I've used this sweet little mermaid from Sweet Pea stamps. Coloured of course with my favourite Copics. A few flowers and a couple of pins and a bit of lace. I think she's rather pretty, I love her little seahorses. I edged round the flower with Copics to tie it in to the card a bit more.

Oh the arty shot! Oh please note.... BOTH yes BOTH photos are cropped! Gadzooks how long has it taken me to do this? I know.... I'm S L O W!!!

Now onto another point, our garden is currently birdie central. They're fed, watered and tended. The kitties, well Jasper any way, are on house arrest because of all the babies there are. So I'd put a dish out with water in for them to have a drink. Now on my travels I saw this cute bird bath. I mean its got birds on it so I had to have it.

Mr Pigeon who lives with Mrs Pigeon and their two chickies in the conifers rather likes it! Do you think he looks rather relaxed or what?

Oh and what about the dove laying on the grass??? Mr Pigeon had 15 minutes in the water! Mr Dove laid on the lawn for over 30 minutes. he then went on the feeder for some lunch and away he went!


Hazel said...

Fingers crossed for your little 'patient'. The bird bath is certainly getting good use! Love the card x

Karen said...

LMAO!!!! I have never seen a pigeon do that before!!!! Only in puddles!!! Well done on capturing that clip Net!

Its just like you to know what to do for that little blackbird too, dear little thing probably got a thick wing from its Dad!!!

Oh and gorgeous card by the way honey XXX

Angelnorth said...

Fingers crossed for baby blackbird! Great card, really pretty colours!

Kaz said...

Fab card Net and well done on perking the bird up xx

Di said...

Lovely card Net. Good for you with the blackbird xx

Irena said...

This card is gorgeous. The image is so beautiful colored. The details are wonderful.

Janice said...

Aw your are such a softie at heart Net!

Pretty card.

Mina said...

lol Mr Dove looks like hes waiting in a q to use the bath bless him...stunning card, I love that sweet pea stamp and the colours are wow
Mina xxx