Tuesday 24 August 2010

WOYWDW or What's on my work desk actually ;))

Howdy Bloggettes! Those darn aliens have been here again! I mean who would believe it... ~whistles nonchalantly ~

Well its been mega busy as ever at Caique-Momma Towers. What with masses of baking but the most important news is that Her Highness Harry has been ill! Again! So we had a long trip to the vet last week - an hour and a half away! Why can't there be an Avian vet near us??? I hope any vets reading this will take note ;)) Then yesterday we had to take her back to the vets to be admitted for tests. My poor little chickster! In the vets without her pal Tinker and all on her lonesome.... Still the vet rang this morning and she's singing, shouting, talking and being busy charming all the staff. Oh there's a yelling competition going on with another parrot in there too. So a bit of love for Harry would be much appreciated peeps.

Here's the little chickster having a little snackarooney.

Now after our trip last week we called in a rather nice tea room at Gate Helmsley called The Balloon Tree, Harry of course came in as no way was I leaving her in the car! The staff were lovely and said it was no problem. Harry charmed them all and enjoyed a bit of toasted teacake and jam. As we came out a couple of 'full figured' ladies were bending over some plants.... Harry let out the LOUDEST BIGGEST wolf whistle she could! Said ladies stood up glowered and were just about to say something to the OM.... when I said 'sorry about that its Harry' ;)) Said ladies came over to say hello! Their faces were an absolute picture when they thought it was the OM whistling at them! I'm not altogether sure if they were disappointed or not.

Right! As I'm sure you all know that today is WOYWDW over at Julia's, so prepare for a shot of THE desk. Now I can assure you that there is one underneath all that cra... er stuff. I mean otherwise it would all be on the floor. That would be no good as believe me the floor is full too! You think I'm kidding? Well one day I might be brave and photo the floor and really shock you! Its a good job I'm tall so I can step over stuff ;))

So TAAAA-DARRRR if that's the right way to introduce such a tip.... maybe not but hey it proves its used and I mean how could I stage that! It would take me months lol Well it took me months to get it like that just by piling stuff up... So think how it would take me to do it and make it look so... so.... er.... so...er...er... natural!

As you can see there's a bit of... er stuff on there.

Oh and the card on there is for this weeks challenge over at Totally Gorjuss which wants a star on your work. I used them as a border and had to use a Lili of the Valley cutie. Flowers are from Wild Orchid Crafts natch ;)) Papers are from one of the new Dovecraft Christmas pads. The sentiment is from a QVC set from yonks ago. I must have had it several years and it had never been pulled off its plastic backing... ~blushes~ I mean I bet no one else has ever done that have they? Image has been Copic'd.

Oh a little arty angle shot!

So hop over to Totally Gorjuss - there's a prize on offer for the player who is lucky enough to be picked. Which is a £10 spend at Crafters Companion - well worth having.

But the actual real best bit about this post is that today is not actually Wednesday! Its bloody TUESDAY! I blame this on a weekend of worry over me little chickster and that today I would normally play golf and I haven't, I had to have the heating on last night and its puddled my brain... Oh and in case anyone's wondering I'm a natural blonde!


tracy said...

hehe love the harry story:)
cute card too :)

Riet said...

What a gorgeous card Net.

Hugs Riet.xx

Kathy said...

Great pics, Net.
Hope HRH is better soon

Unknown said...

wonderful post Net. Poor Harry but sounds like all is well if the singing is anything to go by. Perhaps a little attention seeking going on LOL... brill story about the wolf whistelling.... s'pose its still better than ones dog sniffing where it's not welcome LOL...

Hope all is well and you'll be able to pick H up soon.

Love the card - the desk is far less worse than i expected.

Have a great WOYWW

p.s. yes - the Mo image is super... and yes, we also thought it was a good job my mum didn't land in the pond... its pretty deep and the decking is quite high and i don't think Mums friend would have been able to get her out... poor fish I say!!!

Paula x x x

Sue said...

Hi Ya
great post gorgeous looking bird, hope he is soon home, gorgeous card, great image,have a great day, happy WOYWW, sue,x

Hazel said...

What are you like! Hope Harry is home soon. x

Karen said...

LMAO at the 2 ladies...I expect it would have made their day if it wasn't Harry !!!!! I really hope that she comes home today Net, HUGS XXX

How cute is that image ??? Lovely C card. As for your desk...mmm....hahahahaha!!! HUGS XXX

Annie said...

What a beautiful colourful bird. :-)
A x

Twiglet said...

Great blog - love the card and your Harry story was brill - thanks for the giggle!

Kaz said...

Hopefully Harry will be back home soom Net. I love your desk! xx

Alisonw30 said...

The story about Harry whistling made my laugh! Will pop and check out the challenge, thanks for the tip x

Anonymous said...

Harry is so cute. Hope he's home soon.

Card is lovely too :D

Lisa xoxo

Spyder said...

My boss had a parrot that wpould ring people up and tell the to b*gger off! Orif the door bell rang it was, come in, sit down, and shut up! Lovely bird!
Have a great woyww!

Andria said...

I can just imagine the ladies faces lol, my phone wolf whistles whenever i get a text msg whixh has led to some amusing situations lol. What a busy craft space, s aign of high creativity.

Nancy said...

Lovely little card and the desk is a great creative space xx

Gez Butterworth said...

Bless Harry ♥♥♥ I hope it isn't too long before she's back home Net. Sending you great BIG (hugs) you must be missing her like crazy. Your desk looks sooooo inviting. :)
FABBY~LICIOUS card as ever.xx

Create With Joy said...

Oh your birdie is SO sweet - I hopoe he is feeling all better now!

Love your card too - but you know how it is - cats, dogs, birds - they all distract me from the real deal, lol!

Have a great week!


Joey said...


Aww Bless he looks so cute! gorgeous card too


Traceyr said...

Lovely colouring of that stamp Net and how do you manage to find anything on that desk? haha


Stephanie said...

Sending get well vibes to HRH Harry lol Fab photos - gosh look at all that crafty stuff....& that's just on your desk!! drool! x

cheryl said...

oh poor harry wonderful pictures,though,love the card too hugs cheryl x

Carola Bartz said...

Hopefully HRH is better soon - sure is a cutie!
And don't worry about a messy desk - that's only a sign of creativity!

Sheila said...

Sweet birdie! And a beautiful card.

Bluefairy4U said...

Lovely card Net, really love your Parrot, my daughter has parrots, African greys and MCAWS, Your one has such beautiful colours, hope he gets well soon, cost an arm and leg at Vets. Big Hugs JO.xxx

Daniele said...

what a fabbie story I bet the cafe don't get many parrot customers ...bless thanks for the peek

Sew This N That said...

OH what a beautiful bird, love the colouring on him/her.
Thats it I'm not bothered about your desk this week, I'm just gonna sit here and keep looking at your parrot ROFL :)
*hugs* Heather x

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

Sorry to hear about your bird. Hope she is better soon. The card is cute, though, and I see your "creative" desk is getting plenty of action. Happy belated WOYWW.

Andrea - Wales, UK said...

Fab post this week and great pics of your workspace. Your cards are gorgeous and I love the one in your newest post.

Hope HRH has a speedy recovery!

Happy creating......sorry I'm a little late!